Shooting android stand-alone games

Gun Strike Blood Shoot

Shooting games

Gun Strike Blood Shoot v1.0

Terrorists are increasingly rampant, wanton destruction, harm to civilians, you are sent to penetrate the enemy base to clear all the terrorists, Using deadly weapons M4, MP5, P90, SNIPE, AWP, M1911 and other weapons armed themselves. As an elite kil...

Kill Zone : Chernobyl Survival

Shooting games

Kill Zone : Chernobyl Survival v1.3

After a huge explosion on an atomic power station, most of the citizens of the nearest city got infected and became monsters, became mutants. Those who escaped unharmed organized criminal gang to protect themselves and to rob strangers. You just retu...

Futuristic war robots

Shooting games

Futuristic war robots v1.1

This is a 3D action game for those who have the urge to be a part of futuristic robot war on earth. This is the perfect scene of how other species would come here and this land for their survival. You are one of them and you have some extra ordinary ...

Real Shooting Army Training

Shooting games

Real Shooting Army Training v1.2

Aim and Shoot! Modern Army Commando War Training is #1 first person shooter game that will blow you away!An over-the-top shooter in every sense, Modern Elite Gun Shooter train you to take over the whirlwind criminal Enemies underworld. You are an arm...

Shades - Combat Militia

Shooting games

Shades - Combat Militia v2.21

This is a simple shooter game, you can play with your friends in local multiplayer (LAN) over wifi or you can play in single player mode, against the AI. This game is not complete yet, and I will be adding more and more awesome things in upcoming upd...

Time Warriors

Shooting games

Time Warriors v1.0

We happily announce Episode 2 of Time Warriors. In this second episode, you will be in never existed time Steampunk. You will be in a well designed environments, characters, weapons and costumes. This is gonna be your best multiplayer action war game...

Operasyon Suriye

Shooting games

Operasyon Suriye v1.1

Hes doing it all by himself. Air support is cut off, airborne bombing f-16 planes are not approaching to catch the radar, we only know the location of unmanned air terasters.Terrorists are in a lot of spikes and captives, you have to neutralize the e...

Dark Fire:Shooting Defense

Shooting games

Dark Fire:Shooting Defense v1.3

The game is the background: In 2303, the earth was the evil alien biological invasion. As the master of the earth, humans not enslaved by alien creatures. The coalition, however, has been unable to resist, the remaining human survivors formed DarkFi...

Mission Counter Strike

Shooting games

Mission Counter Strike v4.2

Mission Counter Strike be a best commando as you have been called to show your sniper shooting skills, being an elite sniper use assault guns with unlimited bullets to take a head shot of enemies. Snipe and shoot your enemy before they hunt you down ...

Return of Dr.Destructo

Shooting games

Return of Dr.Destructo v1.0

Destroy the mad Dr. Destructos aircraft and send his ships, islands, castles and space carriers to the bottom of the sea! Take control of one of the 6 planes, each with its own unique super-weapon, and test your skills in an intense air combat agains...

Gun Blood Duel

Shooting games

Gun Blood Duel v1.0.7

Choose a cowboy to start this crazy gun blood duel game.The game has 900 different opponents, there are more than 17 different styles of cowboy you can chose, and a lots of bonus level for you. Kill opponents, win coins and upgrade your guns and clot...

Super SteamPuff

Shooting games

Super SteamPuff v1.3.1

Super SteamPuff is a frantic, adrenaline-charged, vertical-scrolling shooter set in a universe of infinite nonsensical improbabilities! Pit quick-wit and dextrous-handling against an endless horde of zany renegades and bosses for the elusive Hexachro...

Pocket Combat

Shooting games

Pocket Combat v0.922

Real-Time Multiplayer: Play against players from across the world!Easy One-Finger Controls make playing fluid fun!Fast-Paced Shooter Action!Party Battle let’s you easily play against Friends!Game in Development:Pocket Combat is currently in Beta, so...

Underworld Stick Mafia

Shooting games

Underworld Stick Mafia v1.4

Its trouble in the city. Some evil minds are behind serious crimes committed on daily basis. People are upset. The stick mafia is all active and destroying peace of the city. It’s time to get rid of those masterminds and restore peace. Its duty call ...

Dash Galactic

Shooting games

Dash Galactic v1.5

Save the universe 3 minutes at a time! Team up with other players in real time for the hottest co-op action on mobile devices!...

Pirate Adventure

Shooting games

Pirate Adventure v1.0

Ahoy captain pirate! Raise the black flag, grab steering wheel and sail across the ocean with your favorite ship! Are you ready to steal gold, discover new lands, fight enemies in a furious ship battles and conquer the ocean? If yes, then don’t wait ...

Gunner Battle Commando Attack

Shooting games

Gunner Battle Commando Attack v2.9

Gunner Battle Commando Attack is an action packed shooting war game. Shoot at site! Fight against tough opponents who will have you pay for every mistake. This is not a roller coaster ride, this is war! Luckily for you, you will have a vast arsenal o...

Real Tanks

Shooting games

Real Tanks v1.5

Take the orange cartridge, insert it into a console and have great fun with the good old tanks. Just as in the good old days, your goal is to defend the base and destroy all the enemys tanks on each level.Collect bonus points, upgrade your tank and s...