Strategy android stand-alone games

Trail Of Tank

Strategy games

Trail Of Tank v1.05

You are Lieutenant Ricky, the tank commander and you were instructed to participate in a massive attack on the enemy. But the enemy has become aware of your plans and your team is in the enemys rear, all units are oken and the only survivor is the cr...

Doom of Aliens

Strategy games

Doom of Aliens v1.3.12

@#$#...We are…@#¥@#...attacking aircraft…#$@. Falls on lv438 Planet…Breed…We need to eed…Queen Code:Reproduction ……Game Feature☆Players around the whole world can play together! ☆ • Whole new SLG mobile game “Doom of Aliens” is grandly on line! •...

Dice Hunter: Dicemancer Quest

Strategy games

Dice Hunter: Dicemancer Quest v2.10.1

Master tactical dice battles! Enjoy the clever combination of skill and luck. Dice Hunter is a turn-based role playing game with collectible dice. Play now for FREE!STORY:Become the Dicemancer and assume the incredible ability to capture creatures in...

Smashing Four

Strategy games

Smashing Four v1.2.2

Hail to you, other of war! Honor and glory awaits you in the arena! Enter now and face fierce battles in this PvP multiplayer smash hit! Build your fearless Smashing Four squad and fight your way to the top! Win battles, collect rewards, upgrade your...

Deep Town: Mining Factory

Strategy games

Deep Town: Mining Factory v3.4.1

Deep Town is science fiction strategy game where you play as an AI, with a sole purpose to gather, construct, and replicate. DIG DEEPCrust of a planet is very deep, filled with different metals, gems and rare findings. A high tech digging system as y...

Uncivil War TCG: Trading Card Game

Strategy games

Uncivil War TCG: Trading Card Game v1.2.1

Collect hundreds of cards and build the ultimate deck in this free indie trading card game (TCG). Fans of TCG will love the depth, challenge and tactics of the online multiplayer PVP duels, and the offline PVE campaign. Build a deck strategy and defe...


Strategy games

1655F v1.7

This is a retro arcade strategy game.As a notorious dark magician, team up with underworld creatures and fight!Bring revenge…! Win for justice and ing back peace to world!Game Features◆ Use various spells to win the battle.◆ Upgrade your underworld m...

King of Defense_The Last Defender (Unreleased)

Strategy games

King of Defense_The Last Defender (Unreleased) v1.3.6

The beautiful world is threatened by the dark force which come from the dark hell. They are everywhere in the kingdoms such as beautiful forests, hot deserts or cold snow lands. The kingdoms are invaded and your kingdom is also invaded. Use your own ...

Carrom 3D FREE

Strategy games

Carrom 3D FREE v2.2

The best 3d Carrom is here! The ultimate addictive fun carrom game.Challenge your friends to matches or play against the AI players in this awesome game.Carrom 3D is one of the most realistic and enjoyable carrom games available on mobile.It features...

Cartoon Craft

Strategy games

Cartoon Craft v1.24

Orcs and Humans are facing the huge battle. But wait! Someone weird is coming. Then every orc and human turns into ZOMBIES!Whats happening? Come get here and save the day!This is a real-time strategy game.The most adorable RTS on mobile(Probably).How...

Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense (Unreleased)

Strategy games

Idle Hero Defense - Fantasy Defense (Unreleased) v24

Battle orcs and pirates in this fantasy hero game, as you defend against waves of enemies charging your base! This idle game lets you create a team of heroes – knight, ranger, mage and more – to defend against an endless swarm of vicious foes! Cast s...

Stickman WW2 Battle Simulator

Strategy games

Stickman WW2 Battle Simulator v1.06

The war has begun! This time, the stickmen are fighting world war 2. It is up to every stickman to get his gun and battle for what is right!★ Tabs battle simulator set in ww2 ... but with stickmen!★ includes tanks, pyro, different weapons, rockets★ 3...

Tap Defenders

Strategy games

Tap Defenders v1.1.2

Welcome to the ultimate idle One-Tap Tower Defense RPG with simple, easy taps on the screen! It all began when monsters invaded humankind. An eternal defensive battle against the utal monsters threatening the Heroes civilization rages on.Immerse your...

Twin Shooter II : Space Invaders Armada (Unreleased)

Strategy games

Twin Shooter II : Space Invaders Armada (Unreleased) v1.40.1

Battle players from all around the galaxy in this free, multiplayer action game!Discover, collect and upgrade 40+ cards with their different behaviour.Lead your space armada to the victory! Become the best general in the entire galaxy.Define your str...

Clash of Tribes: Stone Age Battle

Strategy games

Clash of Tribes: Stone Age Battle v1.1.8

Let’s start your illiant 2018 by a funny action strategy game to battle with players around the world in real time.In the era of wildness and chaos after Ice Age, you will play as a young cunning captain of a tribe and battle with other gamers to scr...

Monster Craft 2

Strategy games

Monster Craft 2 v1.0.5

This is a battle between monsters. The evolution of the monster is up to you, until you rule the entire monster world. just now! You are just a larva! There is not much time left for you!★ A variety of monsters will be combined to create different mo...

Battle of Vicksburg

Strategy games

Battle of Vicksburg v1.0

Fight on the vast battlefields in a strategic FPS set in Vicksburg and its fortifications. Command infantry cavalry to follow, stay or charge. Operate cannons artillery, or give orders to the crews. Improve the forts and defenses, or build new to p...

Empires and Allies

Strategy games

Empires and Allies v1.58.1096834

Join your friends, form alliances, build your army and prepare for battle.Welcome to Empires Allies, the critically acclaimed modern-military strategy game that puts the weapons of today’s armies at your fingertips, in a battle for control of the gl...

Module TD. Sci-Fi Tower Defense

Strategy games

Module TD. Sci-Fi Tower Defense v1.44

This is Sci-fi Tower Defense created by gamers for gamers. Fight Epic battles with variety of different towers. Defend your core to fight another day! Highly customizable towers with 5 basic elements and more than 31 unique modules. Find the best com...