LG p500 Games

LG p500 mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.2. LG p500 games channel to provide free, safe LG p500 games download.
Shark Simulator

Interest games

Shark Simulator v1.1

Control a Great White Shark as he causes chaos to unsuspecting beach goers. That Giant object in the water is your shark, ready to jump out of the water and up onto the beach. There is no place this shark will not go. You have tried your luck with Go...

Wings of Icarus HD

Shooting games

Wings of Icarus HD v1

The Wings of Icarus is a Jet Fighting Game. Enjoy the taste of marvelous war experience! Now it’s time to become armed to destroy your enemies and defend your HQ. Choose your combat aircraft. Become armed! The best and latest machine guns , missiles ...

Train collision

Adventure games

Train collision v1.0

Hi there train game driver, ready for an awesome day on the railway rush game? In this train game you need to bump into others, like you can’t do normally. Drive over the train idge to reach others in this railway rush game.You have different levels ...

Jewels Star 3

Interest games

Jewels Star 3 v1.2

Classic Match-3 game jewels star 3 released in Goolge Play.Its aim is to complete the assigned goals in given moves or seconds.Try to get 3 stars in each level.Features:- More than 160 levels and 8 pretty scenes in the game, including starry sky,moun...

Roll It  Free

Interest games

Roll It Free v1.55

New ain twisting 3D puzzle from the makers of Toss It, Smiley Pops and Link It! The objective of this ain twisting puzzle game is to get the cube onto the tile with the lock. Watch out for all kinds of traps and tricks on your way to the goal. Try to...

Truck Parking Free

Sports games

Truck Parking Free v1.0

Truck Parking is a realistic 3D Parking Game. Its way better than any of those games out there, when your in a parking lot and you have to park your truck or car in a slot. In Truck Parking, You drive your truck around the harsh roads, in order to co...

Star Crush  Free

Interest games

Star Crush Free v1.1

Star Crush is a simple little game that will keep you busy and annoyed for hours. Rules are simple: crush destroy as many stars as you can by clicking them in groups of the same color (2 or more). Sounds easy? It is! Ain’t this the greatest game eve...

Firefighter Truck Simulator

Sports games

Firefighter Truck Simulator v1.03

Fire Fighter Truck Simulator 3D is an awesome simulation game, drive around the city in your fire truck putting out fires and saving civilians, drive to the correct location, park your fire engine in the parking zone and use the hose to put out the f...


Puzzle games

Matchsticks v1.5

Puzzles with matches - for fans of intelligent entertainment. Excellently develops logic, suitable for children and adults.Solution of logical puzzles with matches is a great way to spend your free time, training logic and wit. Puzzles with matches k...

Snow Truck

Sports games

Snow Truck v3.8.9

Snow Trucks - challenging off-road racing game. Reach the finish line within the time limit. Be careful along the road and road obstacles, not crashed vehicles. ...

Ninja Run Free

Interest games

Ninja Run Free v3.2.1

Ninja RunNinja Run is a specially tailored for the majority of mobile phone users in the cool running game. Cool running every day , before the rapid line !Ninja Run plays like the game Temple Run and Subway Surfers similar and very addictive . Fresh...

Run for your line

Interest games

Run for your line v1.2

Try to beat 50 Worlds - each has 50 levels = 2500 levels complete.Chalenge yourself, beat the others.CONTROLS: Just tap on the screen in the moment, when you want to change the direction. Thats all. Simple yeah, but so addictive.HINTS: Obstacles like...

Hero Wars 2

Strategy games

Hero Wars 2 v1.4

Zombies vs. Heroes : Defense game.. Let’s try to kill the box-head zombies by controlling Super-Heroes.. Build Barracks, Factories, and Supply Depot and create your own Heroes. . This game is a real-time simulation game. (RTS game)Hero Wars 2Zombies ...

Blade Hunter

Action games

Blade Hunter v1.0

Play Blade Hunter right now and get a lot of pleasure. Blade Hunter is a traditional offline time - killer game with pixel - art graphics and simple interface.Be ave hunter of evil spirits, save the world! Draw the sword of justice and allow spanking...

Wire de Coins

Action games

Wire de Coins v1.0

Lets fight the giant enemy with the two blades and the wire. [How to play] Lets fire the wire by touching the screen. If an enemy approaches, it will attack with the blade automatically. The game is over life reaches zero. There is the giant enemy at...

Damn Little Town

Chess games

Damn Little Town v1.1.3

A eath of fresh air for all board and turn-based game fans! Damn Little Town is a tactical board game for 1-4 players. The game is ided into two phases: - during the first phase, you build your little town and place your settlers; - during the second...


Adventure games


Notice: Ifs a free version with only 10 levels, but all heroes and items! Enjoy! I hope, you will like the game! Hello! It is a DEFENDERIA: Curse of the Tinker King game! Arrrgh, i am not a pirate, but Eidos Starkshield said that. You must choose you...

Neon Lines Blitz

Interest games

Neon Lines Blitz v1.0

Neon Lines is a simple, fast paced, one touch, arcade game where you drag your finger to make your player follow your dragged path through the glowing linesgates to score points. Be careful, this game is CRAZY addictive....