Huawei U8500 Games

Huawei U8500 mobile phone main screen is 320×480, Android system version 2.1. Huawei U8500 games channel to provide free, safe Huawei U8500 games download.
Spell Siege

Strategy games

Spell Siege v1.03

Defeat monsters. Earn gold. Buy magic.The Dark Wizard has returned and the kingdom is in danger! Spell Siege is like a tower defense game doing high fives with Missile Command. Play as a young wizard tasked with defending the kingdom from the evil en...

TapTapSumo Free

Fighting games

TapTapSumo Free v1.1.4

Tap Tap Sumo is an action game based on a Japanese traditional game Paper Sumo.You will start the match as a little paper sumo wrestler, but can be stronger by exchange of the character which you beated down.Each character has different bout style. F...

Air Hockey Intense

Interest games

Air Hockey Intense v1.0.6

Air Hockey Intense is intense air hockey! With its supersonic velocity and unique style, Air Hockey Intense offers a fun and challenging gaming experience. Play against a skillful computer opponent, or challenge one of your friends to a game of Inten...

Mig 2D: Retro Shooter!

Shooting games

Mig 2D: Retro Shooter! v1.0.2

What would you do with an enormous flying machine armed to the teeth with a variety of deadly weapons? Bring peace and justice to the world of course. Its especially pleasing to ing peace with high-precision uranium core bombs or air to ground homing...


Puzzle games

Flood-It! v1.0.15

Flood It! is a simple yet addictive strategy game in which you have to flood the whole game board with one color in less than the allowed steps. Try to flood-it in the least amount of steps!Sounds simple? Lets see what you can do...Privacy Notice: Ad...

Feed Me  Free

Interest games

Feed Me Free v1.2.9

Feed fruits to little crocodile Dio!★★★★★ Very addictive game,Its fun and worth 5 stars,Keep me busy for 2 days -BillySTORY:Dio is a newborn crocodile , he lost his way, so hungry and now he is only one request -Fruits! Your goal is to clean up obstr...

Fun Monster Truck Race 2

Sports games

Fun Monster Truck Race 2 v1.6

This is the most popular android racing game! ! !It is different from other racing games! ! !New power-ups! ! New graphics! ! !Vivid sound effect and realistic special effects! ! !More realistic and thorough experience! ! !Don’t hesitate! Just downlo...


Puzzle games

Glass v1.02

game of lasers and experimentation.Learn to use mirrors, lenses, prisms and other devices to manipulate beams of light.Features a unique, realistic optics engine and 81 puzzles....

Doomdarks Revenge

Role Play games

Doomdarks Revenge v1.1

Mike Singletons 85 classic Adventure Strategy sequel to The Lords of Midnight, ought to and updated for Android.It is many moons now since the Lords of Midnight first appeared out of the soft, wearing gloom. Those of you who took up their challenge a...

iKungfu Stickman Kungfu master

Action games

iKungfu Stickman Kungfu master v1.3.2

Play as the legendary stickman to rescue your girlfriend from the evil stick bastards. Explore many different maps with increasing challenges and even big bosses. Five different weapons to unlock.Many bosses to defeat.Fight evil and rescue your girlf...

Candy Swipe

Puzzle games

Candy Swipe v2.30

Popular Game CandySwipe 2.0 Free is...Loved by the whole family, both grown ups and kids!A new challenging addicting casual sweet game with a candy theme. Swipe as much candy as you can to remove candy pieces for points! Swipe your finger across matc...

Farm Bubble

Puzzle games

Farm Bubble v1.2

Farm Bubble is a bubble games, but the way to play it is different.Your task is to collect all fruit bubbles by using specified number of moves.Levels are easy and fun, come and win 3 stars....

Fishing Saga

Interest games

Fishing Saga v2.0

Confirming by billions of users. The finest fishing game in the app store is in front of you now! Hunting in the vast sea, choosing your favorite skin, listening to the waves of gold coins, and enjoying the pleasure of harvest! Double the satisfactio...

Magnetic Sports Soccer

Interest games

Magnetic Sports Soccer v1.6.8

Magnetic Sports Soccer (Football) is based on the classic table soccer game where players were mounted on a spring right in the middle of a shallow pit. We implemented magnetic forces together with the shallow pit for a more dynamic and spectacular g...

Tiny Cubes-Red Bad Block

Interest games

Tiny Cubes-Red Bad Block v3

Tiny Cubes - Bad Red is funny game with physics that needs logic thinking.Bad Red is a physics based logic game that can improve your ain power and change your mood, not to mention your thoughts on gaming. By eliminating the angry red, boring blue, a...

Joj The Alien

Interest games

Joj The Alien v1.7

One lovely day a little alien Joj was travelling through space and enjoying himself. But suddenly his space ship was hit by a meteor storm. His only way out was to make an emergency landing on a nearby planet... What is he gonna do now that that all ...

Star Fighters: Storm Raid

Shooting games

Star Fighters: Storm Raid v1.0

This is the most welcoming android flight shooting game! ! !It is different from other shooting games! ! !New power-ups and weapons! ! !Vivid background sound! ! ! Realistic game graphics! ! !More realistic and thorough experience! ! !Don’t hesitate!...


Interest games

SpikeDislike2 v1.5

The Spike Avoiding classic is back, with loads of exciting new gameplay styles to choose from, as SpikeDislike returns in all its ball bouncing glory.Hop up, over and under the spikes, and get as far as you can, in this fantastically retro one-button...

Alberi  Plus

Interest games

Alberi Plus v1.0.5.4

Introducing Alberi: eventually the best puzzle game of 2010 made its way to Android.This original puzzle game, designed by the Italian Giorgio Dendi, quickly has become the most loved game amongst the readers of Italians easily most popular logic pub...