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Own Coffee Shop

Own Coffee Shop v1.7.05.0Score
  • Do you love Coffee?Do you love Business?
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Game introduction

Do you love Coffee?
Do you love Business?
or... Do you love them both?

Own Coffee Shop is for you!
Start your coffee business from a small coffee stall in front of the university. It may look small at the beginning, but theres nothing that cant be achieved with hard work and time!
Find unique customers with their interesting life story and brew the best coffee while chatting with them. Learn and strategise how to manage your income and invest it back to grow your coffee shop!

Mai Feature:
- Achieve success! Find the best strategy!
- Meet unique characters with interesting life stories.
- Decorate your shop! Make it awesome!
- Fun gameplay with cheerful story and events!
- Get more knowledge about coffee and barista life while playing the game

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Own Coffee Shop


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