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Ben 10: Alien Evolution

Ben 10: Alien Evolution v1.0.8-google5.0Score
  • Psyphon and his evil alien crew are tryi
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Game introduction

Psyphon and his evil alien crew are trying to destroy Undertown! To protect the city, Ben must navigate a slew of hazards while collecting enough strength to fight Psyphon’s henchmen in hand-to-hand combat. Use the Omnitrix to transform into your favorite aliens and increase their power with Omniboxes. Can you help Ben defeat Psyphon and save Undertown?

★ Avoid bombs, missiles and other dangers!
★ Collect Omnitrix power and bonuses as you go!
★ Fight 12 evil aliens in fierce boss battles!
★ Use the Omnitrix to transform into powerful aliens!
★ Unlock new alien transformations by collecting Omniboxes!

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