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Cat Tower

Cat Tower v1.0.85.0Score
  • You do not have to do anything, Your cat
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Game introduction

You do not have to do anything, Your cat will defeat your enemies!!
Upgrade and evolute your cat to fight well.
Use the skill of cat, and it will be have fancy effect.
Your cute cat is a cat that carries pet. Could be more cute than cat?
Endless dungeon, where have you been?
If you can not clear the floor, Ascension, a stronger cat will wait for you!

Something Cool
● Cats automatically attack enemies!
● Defeat the boss and earn big rewards.
● Find your own mastery tree.
● Costumes and pets can make your cat more cute. Stat is a bonus!
● More than cute Talking cat, talking t…
● The skills that cats use is very powerful! Please press it according to the timing.
● Please upgrade your cat to keep up with the more powerful enemy.
● You can compete with your friends.
● Stress free game play! – It is not inconvenient on the move.
● Not enough data! – don`t worry. No internet connection required!
● Save your play on cloud

Special Description


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Cat Tower

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