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Death Shooter: contract killer

Death Shooter: contract killer v1.2.135.0Score
  • kill target complete contract you are su
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Game introduction

kill target complete contract you are super killer

As a special force, you will receive secret missions to eliminate enemies and terrorist.
Sneak into terrorists base, find them and zoom lens to aim your enemies! deep breathing ...and pull the trigger
Make your plan
Real shooting experience
Unforgettable scenes
-Deadly weapons
More than 20 different kinds of weapons
Upgrade your weapons abilities
-Various missions
More than 200 different missions
Complete your missions in jungle, mountains, snowfield and military base
Variety missions targets: sniper, infantry, officer, armed medics, grenade man and radiomen, find them and aim them.
-Fun tools
finder: quickly target your enemies
Grenade: mass destruction
Slow-Mo: slow your enemies
piercing: higher damage and longer range
-Rank and achievement
Compete with global players Log in your Facebook and show your achievements

Special Description


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Death Shooter: contract killer


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