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  • Type: Shooting games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • Updated: 2012-1-11 19:57:49

Game description: This stunning vision of the Dead Space franchise reproduces the cinematic horror of the console game with rich effects and atmospheric lighting.
Experience the hardcore gameplay as you struggle to survive the Necromorph onslaught in 6 varied environments. Access the Plasma Saw and Core Extractor, plus 3 more weapons from the Dead Space universe – then get on with the business of strategic dismemberment!

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Dead Space HD reviews

  1. #1  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-9-16 23:32:38

    Has anybody got it to work on the samsung epic?

  2. #2  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-9-19 23:50:52

    It needs extradownloading content but it doesnt download fix plzz

  3. #3  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-2-3 7:29:46


  4. #4  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-2-28 2:52:09

    I cant beliave how awsome is dead space!!

  5. #5  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-3-2 19:25:02

    plz upload sd data

  6. #6  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-3-10 3:09:33

    Best game ever!!!:)

  7. #7  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-5-1 2:32:25

    Lol why so many chinese or japan

  8. #8  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-5-12 8:42:31

    I played it and underestimated the game,it scared the shit out of me, but love it

  9. #9  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-5-30 9:11:56

    Awsome  game  ¡¡¡¡¡£€$£¥

  10. #10  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-5-31 23:06:25

    Its jus like playing it on my xbox360

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