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  • Type: Fighting games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • Updated: 2011-10-12 20:48:20

Game description: Champions aren’t born. They’re made.
The ONLY official game “Real Steel” on Android Market.
Gizmodo says, “game looks fun as hell.”
iPhoneappreview says, “Real Steel is a solid winner.”
Real Steel is an underworld fighting game set in the near-future, where 2,000 pound robots fight in a no-holds barred battle to the death. Featuring two play modes, you can either fight a roster of Robots (Tournament Mode), each more challenging than the last, or fight in a quick sparring match against your favorite opponents (Free Sparring Mode). Your primary objective: defeat Midas and unlock all 8 unique Robots.

Real Steel HD reviews

  1. #1  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-10-6 21:40:57


  2. #2  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-10-17 20:32:50

    it DOESNT WORK there is no game

  3. #3  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-11-19 18:06:05

    i want to play

  4. #4  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-11-21 8:55:59

    This game is awful. No depth, terrible controls, mediocre graphics. Surprisingly better than movie.

  5. #5  AndroidGamesRoom User2011-11-23 21:17:36

    I dont believe in tile i sse it

  6. #6  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-1-2 13:56:11

    how to dowlond?

  7. #7  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-1-22 22:47:00

    it looks like a good game?

  8. #8  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-2-11 21:33:29

    Does it cost money?

  9. #9  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-2-26 14:59:29

    i want a play game !!!

  10. #10  AndroidGamesRoom User2012-3-8 17:13:29

    it wont work

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