King of fighters - History  v1.5

King of fighters - History
King of fighters - History
King of fighters - History
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Game description: Love King of fighters? Come to play this game. 9 roles, 18 challenges, a lot of different actions. If you are a combat fan, and love the games like "super fighters", "king of fighters" or "mortal kombats", never miss this game.
  • Type: Fighting Games
  • Language: English
  • Provides: Unknown
  • Tariff: Free
  • File size: 5130 KB
  • Downloads: 3518
  • Updated: 2012-9-21 17:24:02

King of fighters - History reviews

  • Alt F4 User
    Hate this game. Horrible rip off off of every other 1990's beat em ups. 2/10.

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