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Platinum Solitaire 3

Platinum Solitaire 3 v3.1.110Score
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Game introduction

Welcome to Platinum Solitaire 3, the ultimate adaptation of the most popular card game ever. Get ready to trot the globe in pursuit of the good life! Play big, earn some cash, and build your casino empire! Eager to play classic Solitaire? Quickplay mode will provide instant fun. But this new version also lets you enjoy 16 other addictive card games. Unlock new locations and challenges as you progress through the game. But remember: no risk means no reward!

- Play classic Solitaire for hours & try to beat your best score; you’ll be addicted in no time!
- Enjoy 17 different card games for all types of fun, including Spider, FreeCell, and Pyramid.
- Easy-to-understand tutorials and in-game hints will help you to start having fun right away.
- Win high stakes games all over the world & build a reputation in Rio, Dubai, Paris, Vegas & more.
- Adjusted betting system helps beginners get started but creates lots of challenge for experts.
- Unlock tons of new content as you progress: New acters, locations, magic tricks & more!


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