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Forever Alone Racing

Forever Alone Racing v1.05.0Score
  • This game is just like your heart and mi
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Game introduction

This game is just like your heart and mine ... abandoned.

Forever Alone Racing is the kart game that gives you the feeling of loneliness, helplessness and emptiness. You can feel the time passing away. You can fell your lifespan spending on the worthless. Just like in your real life, however you search and seek in this game, there will be nothing new surprise you or change your life.

This is what I can promise in this game.


Actually, this is my first experiment on Unity3d Android game development. As the difficulty of kart game development was higher than what I expected and the main idea is actually not funny as I thought, I decide to give up.

However if you think this game have potential, write down some comment for me.

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Forever Alone Racing

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