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Dumb Run

Dumb Run v1.0.25.0Score
  • DASH as fast as you can in this #1 endle
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Game introduction

DASH as fast as you can in this #1 endless runner game! Dumb Run pushes your skills to the limit as you jump, roll and dash your way through uncharted territory.

Join the tribe of prehistoric hunters trapped in the center of an ever changing deadly maze. Run for the future of your tribe through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles. With crisp touch controls, unpredictable courses and an incredible sense of speed, this new action platformer is completely irresistible. Choose your runner, use the RUSH button wisely, and race the clock to escape now!

Game Features:
- Lots of levels with unique soundtracks in Adventure mode
- Challenge yourself or your Google+ friends in Arena mode
- Colorful and vivid HD graphics
- Multiple characters and well designed crazy power-ups

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Dumb Run

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