320×400 android stand-alone games

Its a Duck

Interest games

Its a Duck v1.2.2

Hi, her name is Duck. And like all those simple creatures she can pump and blow itself up like a soap bubble. She adores eating bugs, spiders, midges and other little insects. She’s also absolutely crazy about being in trend. And of course, she’s in ...


Interest games

Above v:1.10

Fly Above the clouds and reach the best score!Above is a simple one touch infinite runner game that enables you to fly through a beautiful mountain environment and little snowflakes above the clouds. With a cute token and the attractive graphic desig...

Badminton Lite

Sports games

Badminton Lite v1.2.103

Badminton is a new released sport game, now you are able to experience the real life badminton on mobile devices! Badminton is one of the most popular sports game in the world! In Crazy Badminton, compete with badminton players from all over the worl...

Kite Trip

Interest games

Kite Trip v1.4

Guide the through the wonderful world of geometric structures! Wait for the music to start and watch the shapes explode with color!...

Devil to Die

Strategy games

Devil to Die v1.0.2

Youre the strongest entity on earth, and youve decided to die for some reason. A group of heroes has come to defeat you, but theyre inexperienced and not at all equipped to achieve their goal.You have to help them gain experience and become strong en...


Interest games

Limaz.io v1.0.6

New game Limax!This time youre a slug you have to eliminate the other players making collide with your traps and grabbing items to increase in size and score points.Get the highest score and reach the position number 1 in the scoreboard....


Interest games

Dots. v1.2

Dots. is #1 addictive new game on Google Play!Tap your way up through obstacles. Dont stop tapping or you will fall down. Get as high as you can! Pass obstacles to get credits and unlock new balls.Be careful not to hit other dots!What is your best sc...

Treasure Trove Escape

Interest games

Treasure Trove Escape v1.1.0

Games2Jolly - Treasure Trove Escape is the new point and click escape game from games2jolly family. An evil mastermind have stolen a golden Treasure from an ancient temple and hidden it in cave. That Treasure was considered sacred by the devotees of ...

Extreme Moto Racing Fever

Sports games

Extreme Moto Racing Fever v1.0

Get ready to chase the wind and dodge your way swiftly through the never ending traffic. Chase the horizon while riding one the fastest bikes on an open highway in Extreme moto racing fever. extreme moto racing fever offers beautiful graphics and int...

Dunkers - Basketball Madness

Sports games

Dunkers - Basketball Madness v1.0

Its time to hit the court for some crazy slam dunks. Steal the ball from your opponent then slam dunk it in the net. Dunkers is crazy physics basketball fun.Fight for glory in career mode or aim for a high score in arcade mode.Play against a friend o...

Archery 360°

Shooting games

Archery 360° v1.5

Love Archery Games ? Archery 360, the archaic ancient world where you start out as a beginner archer practicing target shoot practice with your bow and arrows.Travel back in time to be the best of the archers in the civilization and shoot down target...

HackThePlanet VR

Simulation games

HackThePlanet VR v2.0.2

A vizual sonic mind-wondering ‘Google Cardboard’ Virtual Reality trip for electronic music lovers and space cadets everywhere.The ‘Google Cardboard” Viewer and #HackThePlanet App open a VR portal into an immersive cyberdelic parallel universe inspire...

VR Boost 3D

Interest games

VR Boost 3D v1.1.1

Cardboard Boost 3D puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The VR Boost 3D for Cardboard game gives ultimate 3D VR experiences. This VR Boost 3D is a combination of adventure and arcade game-play to escape cubes.Experience ultimate VR gaming bliss a...


Adventure games

House-Escape v1.9.7

You are going home with mystical puzzles and search for his girlfriend.Your goal is to find his girlfriend in the house, passing a dozen puzzles.In the house you are waiting for the monsters, various riddles and puzzles.All items will be able to add ...

Endless Frontier

Role Play games

Endless Frontier v1.1.8

In this huge sea of Android role playing games online, Endless Frontier represents incredible refreshment and was quickly seen as one of the “best rpg games” (as seen on Intellectuapp).The inclusion in the top rpg games reviews didn’t come as a casua...

Goat Turbo Attack

Interest games

Goat Turbo Attack v1.0

You can be a goat. You can be a goat and destroy everything. You can be a goat, but also a Chtuluh, a Gotzilla, a Pig, a Unicorn, a Pug, a Bull and much more.Take your imagination to new racing adventures! Race through the city, destroy everything th...

World Warplane War:Warfare sky

Shooting games

World Warplane War:Warfare sky v1.0.0

The main idea when we made World Warplane War:Warfare sky is :fun! much more fun!But,we added another thing is:the TOP ONE quality graphic for air plane battle game on mobile!And we did them both!...


Puzzle games

Kubic v1.0

kubic is a relaxing optical illusion puzzle game based on M.C. Eschers art, impossible objects and other geometric designs. The object is to construct the goal configuration from a number of pieces....

Sly Hikers

Interest games

Sly Hikers v1.3.17

Explore magical hidden worlds with the Sly Hikers! Can you keep this pair of microscopic explorers safe as they navigate dangerous worlds? Test your skills by tapping your way along tiles on mystical pathways. Some you can use to your advantage, but ...

Legend of Manboro

Interest games

Legend of Manboro v2.1

Become a member of Secret Manboro Team and defeat Invaders!!Collect Characters and Go to next stage!!Every maps are real 1930s Gyeongseongs scene and also Dot Design!Defeat annoying enemy!Lets run with Cute Manboro!...