320×400 android stand-alone games

Platform Defense:Wave 1000 F

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Platform Defense:Wave 1000 F v1.23

★★ Super Awesome game! ★★★★ Brand new type of game play! ★★★ You should really try this kind of game :D ★Can you be the hero? Monsters are kidnapping people! You are the only one left. Defend yourself against monsters. And survive through 100 waves!-...

Crossy Town

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Crossy Town v1.0.5

Try to cross this lively town. Dodge cars, jump the streams and much more!Control your character with touching and sliding your finger to avoiding obstacles and dangers of this small town and reach the farthest distance possible.Login with your Googl...

Thug Worm

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Thug Worm v1.0.1

Thug Worm is a mashup of a lot of mini games with popular Snake Gameplay !During mini games you can collect $ coins for more points, but be careful as you will grow!At any point if your worm will die by eating yourself, hitting an obstacle, getting s...

Glowing Darkness

Puzzle games

Glowing Darkness v1.0.307

Glowing Darkness – Viant Underwater Fun!Dive into the darkest depths of the ocean and experience the logic game adventure of a lifetime with Glowing Darkness. Far below the reaches of the sun’s warming rays, there’s only a single source of light: squ...

Impossible To Follow2

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Impossible To Follow2 v2.0

Impossible To Follow Free Game is a challenging finger runner.Touch the area under the black dot and start to drag. Now you control the game character. Move left, right, up and down.You can hit the black borders on objects, but dont touch the color e...

Modern Firefighter:City Fire

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Modern Firefighter:City Fire v1.0

Have you ever dream of becoming a City Hero??So here is your chance to join the Firefighter department to save lives. Modern firefighter is not just 3d simulation game but it motivates one to get the courage to be there when someone needs your most, ...

Orbisence Free

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Orbisence Free v1.02

Orbisence is an actionendless runner game in which you fly through patterns of light, controlling your orb with a unique circular movement system in order to avoid collisions as you pick up orbs and increase your score. ...


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Zooshi v1.0

Float down the mystic river and feed sushi to well-dressed animal patrons! Play Zooshi in Virtual Reality through Google Cardboard, or on your Android phone or tablet....

Moil the Void

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Moil the Void v1.5

Get ready to flex your finger muscles... Stranded robot Moon needs your help. Alone on an infested planet, far from his friends and family, Moons only hope is to bank a points haul big enough for a one way ticket home! Theres only one problem - an ar...

Alpacalypse Free

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Alpacalypse Free v1.1.0

The end is nigh! Meet Al. Al Pacone, an alpaca who has had enough. Help him fulfill his evil masterplan in Alpacalypse - a modern game from the 8 bit era. Times, when games were arcade oriented, easy to play but hard to master. When the only thing th...

Bomb! Zombie

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Bomb! Zombie v1.5

Incoming the ultimate bombout! We live in the Zombie Town. The zombies are everywhere. The only thing we can rely on is the bomb. Get some action. To war! Keep in mind, the obstacles dan changeable wind will stop your bomb. Try any method to avoid th...

Decea Zed

Shooting games

Decea Zed v1.0.6

Survival Zombies Sniper 3D shooting games. Plays as Sniper and has a mission to save Survivors. Aim and kill all zombies accurately and save the Survivors before the days is over. As the game progress, zombies will get stronger, buy and upgrade the W...

Dots Tails

Puzzle games

Dots Tails v1.1.5

Dots Tails - is a puzzle game, an intergalactic time accelerator, with the goal of helping Captain Square gather his tails! Somewhere in the far far galaxy, Captain Square was waging war against the triangle invaders. In one of the heavy battles his ...

Kangkung:Fast Paced Action

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Kangkung:Fast Paced Action v1.0.4

Be a Kangkung collecting champion in this Malaysian themed fast paced action game. Choose from iconic looking characters and collect your way to victory....

Run On Titans

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Run On Titans v2.0.7

Run On Titans is a great game, where you have to avoid titans to survive then kill them to get score. the game is inspired from an anime called Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin).The gameplay is easy, just hold right or left to use the 3D Maneuver ...

Dz Puzzle

Puzzle games

Dz Puzzle v1.0

The deal is connecting the “start piece” and the “finish piece”. The game will organize the other pieces on board and you have to re-organize, using drags and rotates, to create a new logical connection between all of them!This version has no adverti...

Monster Truck 4x4 Stunt Racer

Sports games

Monster Truck 4x4 Stunt Racer v1.0

EXPERIENCE HQ ADRENALINE FILLED MONSTER TRUCK RACE EXCITEMENTGet behind the wheel of some of the most utal V8 power machines known to mankind. Start up the monster and make the V8 engine roar!! Demolition games have never been this adrenaline filled....


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Biolith v3.1

-Face 50 waves of enemies, each wave increasing in difficulty.-Gain experience to upgrade your speed and luck.-Unlock 3 powerful abilities to crumble your enemies resolve!-Finally completing 50 waves in Normal Mode unlocks Expert Mode!You are a lone ...