320×400 android stand-alone games

Nail Design Game

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Nail Design Game v2.0

Open your own nail salon and create the most fabulous designs on nails! Get ❃ Nail Design Game for Girls ❃ app and have fun using different kinds of nail polish and other decorations! Combine beautiful patterns and rhinestones, add some stickers and ...

Test the Stick

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Test the Stick v1.0.0

This is a half animation movie and half testing game, where you help scientist pick the correct test for his test subjects. Will you be able to choose the correct test? The test subject have their own plan in mind… To get the full affect of this game...

Avion Flight Simulator

Simulation games

Avion Flight Simulator v1.06

Avion Flight Simulator ™ 2015 is a sophisticated flight simulator that includes 12 planes, 4 detailed cities, and over 9 airports. The player can fly anything from single-engine aircraft to jumbo jets, with idealistic to realistic flight simulation e...

Zooo Craft

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Zooo Craft v1.1

Worlds first voice-controlling action game.The infinite journey of Zooo Craft!Say ZOOO and boost up the plane to save it from the obstacles.A 2D Minimal Arcade Game***Play in Silence***...


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DeepAbyss v1.0.8

Control the newest submarine the Deep Abyss, please collect the radioactive waste dumped in the deep sea! Searching for radioactive waste dumped in the deep sea using sonar and torpedoes and your senses.Various obstacles will interfere with your se...

Clicker Bands

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Clicker Bands v1.02

Clicker Bands introduce you to Wild West atmosphere. Western style dangerous adventures,wicked robbery of the trains and shooting at the items dont let you feel bored.The game features two modes:Idle - the main game mode, where youll must rob the tra...

Jumpy Cat

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Jumpy Cat v0.7.3:28

They say that cats can’t fly? But thats not true!Start a flight with a cat and collect stars, which you can then exchange for superpowers they will help you win and move on to the next level.Your goal: to shoot down the bird in order to avoid collis...


Shooting games

PixelZHunte v2.1

20xxZombie virus is destroyed world.Very few people survivedA number of them were hunting zombies in order to survive.They are called Z(Zombie) Hunter.......

Stickman Dismount

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Stickman Dismount v1.0

Perform amazing stunts, crash into walls, eak bones, destroy vehicles and have the fun!FEATURES:- unique active ragdoll physics system- crunchy sound effects- multiple levels- multiple vehicles- multiple props for level customization- replay system w...

Panther Simulator

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Panther Simulator v2

Step into the jungle and live the life of a Black Panther! Survive in a wild rainforest filled with deadly traps, dangerous carnivores, and tasty critters! Raise your family, pounce on prey, and battle for your life against predators like Tigers, Gor...

Cat Bubbles

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Cat Bubbles v1.0.2

+ Now that flappy bird is gone, jump high with Jumpy Cat and pop as many bubbles as possible! +Highly addictive jumping fun with the cutes cat youve ever seen!Easy controls let kitty jump on a paddle to reach all the bubbles....

Escape Dark Carnival:Freak Show

Puzzle games

Escape Dark Carnival:Freak Show v1.2

Spend entertaining moments, trying to get out of the levels of horror, find items and solve puzzles.ExcitingEntertainingChallengingGreat 3D graphicsEnvironmental sounds FXUpcoming updatesEnjoy it nowIt is free and requires no additional permissions t...

Clown House

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Clown House v1.2

Face your fear of clowns in this horror game!You are trapped in a darkened house with lunatic clowns, due to a meaningless reason. You need to find the key to escape the house. Hidden in a random spot. Some of the clowns are evil and they want to kil...


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CUBIC RUNNER is the game which rolls my cube and challenges the eternal maze.Read a movement of an enemy completely, run away, hide and miss, and how far you can go?Landscape? Portrait? No! Hold Slantingly! Here come the new sense game.See the screen...

Zombie Hazard

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Zombie Hazard v1.1.1(2)

Shoot tons of bloody cute zombies and defend your home!Tons of zombies are coming… can you protect your home and survive...?Zombie Hazard is a bloody cute action shooting game.Select weapons to shoot incoming zombies, get coins and play through 2 dif...

Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes

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Doodle Jump DC Super Heroes v1.0.4

EPISODE 1: Batman: WARNING to all villains: There’s a new super hero in town! Doodle the Doodler of Doodle Jump fame learned a trick or two from Batman and is now facing off against Gotham’s most infamous villains – The Penguin, Mr. Freeze, The Joker...

iCola Free

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iCola Free v1.2

Drink Cola on your phone!This hilarious trick looks like your phone is filling up with Cola. You can then “drink” it by tilting the device. Amaze friends and family with a phone so smart it actually makes Cola!...

Panda Chunky

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Panda Chunky v1.0.2

Chunks Panda loves bamboo sweet and ready for any adventure for your favorite goodies! Travel in space, solve puzzles, avoid traps and find a treasure map!...

Super Grav

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Super Grav v1.0

Super Grav is a retro gravity cave flyer for 1-4 players, featuring single player or co-op multiplayer missions, racing and dogfighting.With fast-paced, super smooth 60fps gameplay, pixel-perfect collision detection and that ‘just right’ feel to the ...