320×400 android stand-alone games

Hex Defender  Free

Strategy games

Hex Defender Free v1.27

Hex Defender is a tower defense game with a difference. With most tower defense games the turrets are placed and the position of that specific turret is fixed. With Hex Defender the six turrets are rotatable around a hexagon. There are six colors to ...

Ninja Worm

Adventure games

Ninja Worm v1.0.0

Life is an adventure that always has a lot of puzzle should be solven. Nevertheless, there is definetly one way to get over. It is now due solving puzzles in this adventure your turn! Explore The Apple-Land, to pursue apples with your appetite passio...


Interest games

SlimeClimbing v1.0.2

SlimeClimbing is simple action game.Are you able to save the Lucifer?- Easy to operate virtual controller.- Powerful auto save function.- Technical slime action.- Rich stage variation....

Inch By Inch

Interest games

Inch By Inch v1.3.1

A Puzzle About Inchworms Adventure!Inch By Inch is an addictive, simple physics puzzle game in which you should move the Inchworm to the destination.Now, his life depends on your fingertip. Good luck with your challenge!Inch By Inch Features:- FREE t...

Top Model - Next Fashion Star

Interest games

Top Model - Next Fashion Star v1.0.0

Become the next Top Model in a reality show adventure you don’t want to miss!Walk the runway, pose for fashion photos compete against other star models to win first place!Stay in the competition! Overcome catwalk challenges rise to the top of the m...

Pirate League

Strategy games

Pirate League v1.0.6

Pirate League is the next generation of mobile sea combat! Its easy, deep, fast and most importantly, its fun as hell! You will compete against other players in this real time naval mayhem, picking up power-ups, gaining wealth and sinking opponents. ...

Block Survival Game

Interest games

Block Survival Game v1.1

Be the first to play the block game all your friends will be talking about. Enter this huge open world with a full arsenal of weapons including Shotgun, AK47, Pistol, and Sniper Rifle. Follow the road to the city, or you may choose to go explore the ...

Little Dungeon

Interest games

Little Dungeon v1.0

Join Nedoo in his newest puzzle adventure, Solve the puzzle and collect all the coins in every dungeonsEXCITING FEATURES- 15 stages for every each dungeons - You can select the stages after complete each dungeons- More variety controller - 45 total p...

Zoom Blocks

Interest games

Zoom Blocks v0.0.11

Why run when you can ZOOM?Swipe to ZOOM along the moving block paths as you chase the hero signal. Tap to jump tricky traps, slippery ice, and spikey roadblocks. Collect coins and amazing power-ups so you can master the shifting platforms, and upgrad...


Interest games

Nonstop v1.2.9

Playable with one thumb, designed to instantly pick up and enjoy – the NEVER-ENDING quest of Nonstop Knight awaits! No matter how often you play, the Knight’s fight continues, meaning INSTANT REWARDS earned when you check in. In return, UPGRADE your ...

Tales of Loss

Interest games

Tales of Loss v1.0

Back to the Stone Age, a tale deep inside the primitive jungle is beginning. You have to witness and create your own legend with heroes! Beat down all the villains and monsters, whats more, save your princess!Collect all kinds of heroes, choose the m...

Spider Junior 2: man of order

Interest games

Spider Junior 2: man of order v1.01

Man-spider has always been known for his strength, courage and avery. He always stood on the side of the law and protected the innocent residents from various unpleasant scrapes. But this time everything is much more serious: arrived many hostile ali...

Dragon Heroes Tap Survival

Interest games

Dragon Heroes Tap Survival v1.0.16

Do you like DB?Enjoy now this cool game made by fans of the worlwide known phenomenon and play with your favourite Dragon Hero!Beat your enemies with energy attacks!There are 4 different stages and more to come, unlock all of them!Start playing now a...

Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D–2

Interest games

Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D–2 v1.3

Next chapter of Nights at Cube Pizzeria 3D scary game! Defend yourself against robot bears, angry chickens, bunnies and foxes and even worse creatures hiding in the shadows! Welcome to the Cube nightmare safeguarding yourself until the morning comes!...

Pioneer Skies 3D Racer

Interest games

Pioneer Skies 3D Racer v1.0.0

In Pioneer Skies, you’ll be flying through impressive 3D landscapes and participating in exciting races. Try to improve your best times on the numerous planets and compare yourself to the transparent Ghost Driver.In “Explore” mode, you can investigat...


Interest games

LostMiner vbeta

Indie sandbox game with mining, crafting and exploration elements, mainly inspired by Minecraft, Terraria and Junk Jack. It has a side-view camera, mixing 2D with 3D, polished pixel graphics with lot of personality, and great sound effects!You can do...

Dead Gears. The Beginning

Shooting games

Dead Gears. The Beginning v0.1.335

Dead Gears is a dual-stick shooter with battle mechs and excellent 3D graphics. This is a game for those who love the dynamic battle.World of Dead Gears - earth of the near future, where corporations mercenaries are fighting for resources. Your goal ...

The Barn

Interest games

The Barn v1.0

Sam, Josh, Michelle, Russell, Chris and Nikki are spending their Halloween night traveling back home from seeing the rock band Demon Inferno. Suddenly their van runs out of gas. Looking for help, the group stumbles upon an old abandoned barn. Knockin...


Interest games

Bondo v1.0.5

Join the new Super domino number Merger - BONDO!Turn the blocks and put them on the field to get the highest score. Three single parts with the same number merge into one tile.Keep merging “B” tiles and get the Bomb - itll help you to make a little ...