320×400 android stand-alone games

Big Bear

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Big Bear v1.1.6

Big Bear: Smash the Salmon is a new slicing action game.You can catch fish and fight the Big Bear that aim your salmons.CATCHING FISHESSlice salmons and various fishes as Polar Bear via touch screen control.As the salmon jump out of water, swipe your...

Mermaid Mania

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Mermaid Mania v1.1.0

MERMAID MANIA(Free Puzzle Match 3 Game)is a and new style in ACCUMULATIVE “Match 3” puzzles.In this addictive game, Miss Mermaid will take you begin a journey of undersea adventure. Collect those lovely fishes,beautiful conches,shining gems and pearl...

Rocket Willie

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Rocket Willie v0.1

Rocket Willie is a video game where you take control of a little rocket boy named Willie.Join Willie while he searches for his lost friends by asking all of the different and erse planets in the galaxy.In Rocket Willie you can take control of up to 7...

Fast Side of the Moon

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Fast Side of the Moon v2.229

Take your anti gravity vehicle to numerous exciting planets and drive through the challenging race tracks against real players to become the ultimate champion in this futuristic multiplayer racing game. And its FREE!Features:- Lots of exotic planets ...

Space Rover

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Space Rover v1.0

2015 Newest innnovative runner game in the outspace!Heres a whole new runner-controling experience, with A unique journey full of challenges!With a and new one-touch operating mode, will you help the cute black robots fulfill their mission?-Beautiful...

The Game of Darkness

Puzzle games

The Game of Darkness v1.0

As I was walking along the street at night,I was surrounded by 4 limousines that suddenly appeared from behind,and I was pushed into one of the cars by several men wearing masks.After taking me to a mansion on the outskirts of town,one of the men sai...

Five Nights at Freddys 4

Adventure games

Five Nights at Freddys 4 v1.0

NOTE: This game requires at least 512 megs of RAM. Phones with less than that may crash!In this last chapter of the Five Nights at Freddys original story, you must once again defend yourself against Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Bonnie, Foxy, and even worse...

Stick Em Up 2

Action games

Stick Em Up 2 v1.0.3

Stick Em Up 2: Paper Adventures is a runngunplatform game of stick figure characters fighting through beautiful paper and card levels.Fly across city rooftops firing rockets from a helicopter, leap between pirate ships with a sword, race buggies on t...

Paper Boy:Infinite rider

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Paper Boy:Infinite rider v1.0

A modern take on a classic game, Paperboy lets you re-live the glory days of retro gaming- but this time in 3D! The aim is simple - ride your bike through town delivering newspapers to your subscribers. Make sure not to deliver to the wrong mailboxes...

Amazing Mini Driver 3D

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Amazing Mini Driver 3D v1.0

Control the mini cars and become a Kid’s Car Driver! Drive mini cars and step back into your childhood! Enjoy the adventure of driving mini cars in fantastic house environment. Pass through rings, jump over obstacles and complete fun missions. Bring ...

Shibuya Grandmaster

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Shibuya Grandmaster v1.0

Can you become a Grandmaster? Featuring a stunningly simple and award-winning mechanic, Shibuya Grandmaster is a fast-paced arcade game of depth and old-school challenge that will have you honing your skills for years.Its simple to learn, but youll b...

Multi Shadow Runner

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Multi Shadow Runner v1.0

Multi shadow runner - an addictive game!You have to tap the white zone to make the runner (the shadow is running) jump over the obstacles at the same time. First is 01 shadows, and then more 04 shadows. There are 05 runners (03 in the basic and 02 in...


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Pongoss v1.0.0

One-eyed Pongoss is crazy about a girl, but unfortunately, she is taken away by a Devil. You must help Pongoss to overcome obstacles and take the girl back.In this adventure journey for true love, the devil places various obstacles: dangerous dark fo...

Current Flow

Puzzle games

Current Flow v1.14

Current Flow is a beautiful, engaging and at the same time relaxing game. Solve puzzles by rotating tiles, supplying energy to all light bulbs.Why you will (or at least should) love Current Flow:- 100 challenging levels,- beautiful visuals (can you b...

Miks Saga

Puzzle games

Miks Saga v1.00

The unstoppable adventures of our hero Mick begins!To escape from dungeon timeout 30 seconds!While looking for the exit, Please rescue a kitten cryingPush the block, burst the bomb, yo come fly away from the arrow.Avoid coming rolling stone.Cross the...

Dive City Coaster

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Dive City Coaster v1.7

by Stefan WelkerGo on a 3D ride through e city - look around and enjoy!Best used on Durovis Dive, OpenDive or Google Cardboard.changes Version 1.7- axis correction for devices with landscape default orientationchanges Version 1.6- new Menu with Infor...

Zombie Touch

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Zombie Touch v3.0

Zombie Touch is a quick game of zombie theme. In the game, the protagonist Brian lost his memory was a zombie, and eat it that it can help restore memory head from a crow there, then, Brian and Crow embarked on a journey to find the memory. With Bria...

Cube X

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Cube X v1.0.6

Cubex is the perfect game to test your dexterity and your reflexes. Avoid obstacles as the game speeds up. Touch left or right to move your cubex. Hold to stay on either side. Tap both sides at the same time to split your cubex. ...

Run Run

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Run Run v1.01

使用 Google 翻译将说明翻译成中文? 翻译How far can you go?Race through the maze, reaching checkpoints to earn as many points as you can before time runs out. Be careful though! Watch out for enemies in your path.Use your shields to protect yourself, and collect ...

Mania bubbles saga

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Mania bubbles saga v1.6

Mania bubbles saga is a casual game. Lost in the jungle of red pandas found a bubble factory, there are a lot of colorful and exquisite bubbles....