540×960 android stand-alone games

Cube Of Life

Action games

Cube Of Life v1.2.33

Action RPG “Cube Of Life”Depeat enemies by using various weapons and skills.Find “the Cube of Life” for son’s life.- Upgrade weapons and skills by using cube.- Can’t continue. Play carefully.- When auto mode, weapon attacks the nearest target enemy.-...

Champion Fight 3D

Action games

Champion Fight 3D v1.5

Spinebuster! Elbow drop! Scissor kick! Immerse yourself in adrenaline pumping world of mixed martial arts action in Champion Fight!Step into the arena with Champion Fight, #1 full contact combat fighting experience with 3D jaw dropping graphics. Prep...


Action games

Rush v1.0

Are you ready for a thrilling ride?Rush through the void while dodging obstacles in this endless roller coaster ride. Think quick and tap to switch lanes in order to reach incredible speeds!◉ Complete 100 challenges◉ Rank up by gathering XP◉ Collect ...

Fire Rides

Puzzle games

Fire Rides v1.1.5

Exciting adventure of the magic fireball through the weird geometric cave.One-tap easy-to-learn controls, rich visual effects and addictive gameplay mechanics....

Battle Of Super Saiyan 2

Action games

Battle Of Super Saiyan 2 v1.0.9

You will be immersed in the familiar super saiyan like Goku, Trunks, Vegeta ...Your task is to destroy the enemy to collect 7 balls, a difficult journey and countless different enemies.You can also upgrade characters to increase their strength.The ch...

Coco Crab

Puzzle games

Coco Crab v1.1.2

What can a crab do ?From the creators of Fish Trip, comes a new and completely funny arcade game.Pick up bonus, collect gold coins, dodge and slice exotic fruits to survive with your beach crab.Features:• Move your crab with one touch• Have fun with...

Jump Drive

Puzzle games

Jump Drive v1.0.5

Jump Drive is a semi-endless space survival game, where you use the ships hyper jump capability to dash forward at incredible speed. Avoid laser traps, rotating force fields, moving barriers, energy saws, and all kinds of deadly hazards. A set of pow...

Metal Force

Shooting games

Metal Force v2.81

The slogan of this crazy game is to drive and kill! Nothing else! Invite your friends and play together ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE! DEFEND THE HONOR OF YOUR COUNTRY Fight for your country! Face opponents from the USA, China, Russia, Japan, Germany and many ...

Toy Shop

Simulation games

Toy Shop v1.0

Calling everyone who has dreamed of having a toy shop: Candys shop is now ready for you!Open the shop and walk into the fantasy world, where all the toys youve been longing for could be found. If you get any inspiration of designing something and wan...


Adventure games

Undervault v1.0.3

Undervault is a role-playing game with random levels and perma-death. Game level contains rooms of different types (kitchen, bedroom, treasury etc.). Some rooms are unknown and can be revealed with luck, or by using a room card.Pass through monsters,...

Auto Theft Gandsters

Role Play games

Auto Theft Gandsters v1.07

Roll up in the pimped out wheels, pack the most outrageous arsenal and conquer the criminal underworld in Auto Theft Gangsters! You can drive any vehicle or fire any weapon as you explore the 3D open world.The streets of the city are in turmoil. A wa...

Medieval Clicker

Puzzle games

Medieval Clicker v1.2.6

Welcome to the first medieval clicker where you’ll be able to craft the most epic weaponsever!Wield the Legendary Hammer and join Talkor in his adventure forging the most rare materials.Discover fragments of the story in each mission, they will take ...

Dance War - Ballet vs Hiphop

Puzzle games

Dance War - Ballet vs Hiphop v1.0

Whats better - Ballet or Hip hop?!Get ready for the biggest dance battle competition of the year and show the world which dancers rule!Who will be the winners of the big show - ballerinas or hip hop dancers?Help your squad and show em what you got! Y...

Nonogram Magic

Puzzle games

Nonogram Magic v1.4

Evil monsters appear in a peaceful village!A girl living in the village starts a journey to lock monsters. Solve puzzles and lock the hidden monsters here and there into the marbles![ special features ]- Hundreds of puzzles available.- Cool design co...

Desert Legacy

Action games

Desert Legacy v1.0.1

Long forgotten, a powerful kingdom ruled the sands and glided the clouds. Flying above the dunes, they whispered to the earth and unleashed the power beneath them. But something happened, and now their ashes rest between the sand. And now, a new sail...

Talking Tom Pool

Puzzle games

Talking Tom Pool v1.2.3.1073

Get ready to party with Talking Tom in a completely new kind of puzzle game! Grab your bathing suit, because you’ve got a swimming pool full of colorful floaties waiting. Match the colors to clear the pool and win! It’s so easy to play – just pull ba...

The Last Outpost

Strategy games

The Last Outpost v2.2.0

Enemies have invaded your homeland and they are trying to take away from you what is rightfully yours. Youre a soldier at the last checkpoint. This is the last frontier that deterrent hordes of bloodthirsty mercenaries and murderers. Do not let your ...

Life of Boris: Super Slav

Puzzle games

Life of Boris: Super Slav v1.0.557

My fellow slavs, gopniks and gopnitsas, welcome to Life of Boris: Super Slav, official game of Life of Boris!Learn the true origin story of Boris, the shashlik King! Earn the Super Slav title to qualify for Slavonic olympics and compete with slavs ac...

Short Life

Action games

Short Life v1.0

Choose your hero and get to the finish without losing your head :)Avoid obstacles and try to complete the levels with all your body parts....

Stickman Racer Road Draw

Puzzle games

Stickman Racer Road Draw v1.02

Stickman Racer Road Draw is a sequel to the legendary game of survival, where to make incredible tricks, driving different transport and getting into different crash! The game is made in the best traditions of simulator games with ragdoll physics ele...