320×480 android stand-alone games

Grim Facade: The Artist

Adventure games

Grim Facade: The Artist v1.0.0

Play a FREE trial of this immersive, high-quality game! Then pay once play forever offline!You receive a concerning message from the legendary inventor Leonardo da Vinci. His beloved town is under attack and you must help the fight against evil befo...

Queens Quest 2

Interest games

Queens Quest 2 v1.0

FANTASTIC HIDDEN OBJECT PUZZLE ADVENTURE GAME FROM THE CREATORS OF ENIGMATIS AND GRIM LEGENDS!When the king asked a famous alchemist to look into the murder of his most trusted agent, the last thing the alchemist expected was to discover an intricate...

Word Cookies

Puzzle games

Word Cookies v1.0.5

Worlds best words puzzle game Words CookiesThis is a new word puzzle game created by BitMango, the creator of HIT app, Roll the Ball™ - slide puzzle and Block hexa puzzle !Word Cookies is a very fun and exciting word puzzle game, it makes you keep pl...

My PlayHome School

Interest games

My PlayHome School v1.6.8.15

My PlayHome School expands the PlayHome world into the classroom! Explore the school and play at being teacher, experiment in the science room, take lunch in the cafeteria or even mop the corridors!...

My PlayHome Stores

Interest games

My PlayHome Stores v1.9.7.15

New from the creators of the award winning My PlayHome! My PlayHome Stores allows your child to explore an open play world and play store without making a mess of your house! Take a walk down the street and look around 4 beautifully hand illustrated ...

Real Steel

Action games

Real Steel v1.31.1

Based on the Dreamworks movie, starring Hugh Jackman, the gritty action of Real Steel takes place in a secret world where boxing has gone high-tech in the not-so-distant future. Players lead their robot to greatness, fighting off steel opponents weig...

My PlayHome Hospital

Simulation games

My PlayHome Hospital v1.1.6.14

Want to be a doctor? Check your patients heartbeat with the stethoscope! Give prescriptions and medicines in the doctors room. Change the blood bags in the Emergency Room!...

Cricket Hungama 2016

Sports games

Cricket Hungama 2016 v3.0

Cricket Judgement Day: Welcome to greatest game of all, Cricket! With Cricket Hungama 2016 we want people to celeate this cricket festival. It’s a Free to play casual cricket game with easy to learn mechanics. The object of the game is to score runs ...

Blocky Demolition Derby

Interest games

Blocky Demolition Derby v1.01

Play fun car crash simulation in blocky voxel world. Its like those games with car crash physics but in this one its the blocky cars getting demolished all around. With awesome effects too - you get to blow up blocky cars in pieces. With more than 1...


Puzzle games

Volatiles v1.02

Volatiles is a slide puzzle like no other. You have control of fire, TNT, wood and water tiles. You must destroy all rocks with TNT by sliding the tiles into position. Be careful - these tiles react with each other and one wrong move might ruin your ...

Barking Irons

Shooting games

Barking Irons v1.0

Bullets, bombs and bad eath. A gang of fearsome outlaws has descended upon the county of Barking Irons. With six-shooter in hand, a thirst for justice and a faltering sense of self-preservation; Wes the local lawman charges into battle.Enter the worl...

Zen Blocks

Interest games

Zen Blocks v1.02

Zen Blocks is an addictive colorful free block puzzle game using original game play mechanics. Tap dots around play area to release blocks.Stack color blocks next to others of the same color. Match 4+ colors to remove a group and gain extra moves ti...

Clash of Crime San Andreas PRO

Interest games

Clash of Crime San Andreas PRO v1.0

Deceive police, double-crossed the mafia, have fun, go for a drive on steep sport muscle cars, earn money at various works, promote your authority in the eyes of large mafias, that all depends on you! A huge number of weapons, awesome cars, girls, sh...

Ram vs Ravan full

Interest games

Ram vs Ravan full v1

Ram vs Ravan - game based on ancient Indian Sanskrit epic Ramayana.Story In the ancient Sanskrit epic Ramayana Princess Sita was abducted by ravana -Game playit is platform gametotal 13 levelhow to playpress left and right arrow key to move - left an...

LEGO® DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros

Puzzle games

LEGO® DC Super Heroes Mighty Micros v1.0.1

The game is for the following ages: 5-12The chase is on as you race through city streets as your favourite DC Comics character.Feeling heroic? Play as a DC Super Hero to catch the villain and save the city. Feeling mischievous? Play as the villain an...

Toca Blocks

Interest games

Toca Blocks v1.0.0

Toca Blocks is a unique world-building app that lets you create and explore the worlds you imagine.CREATEBuild worlds, tree houses, obstacle courses,spaceships and more! Make ponds, floating islands, gardens or even a train! Fill your world with toil...

Fleeing the Complex

Adventure games

Fleeing the Complex v1.0.0

Somewhere in a far off land, where the snowy mountains meet the sea, lies a prison complex. Welcome to The Wall, the home of some of the baddest and smartest criminals from all over the world. Henry has become the newest resident.-Featuring FIVE diff...

Stupid Again

Interest games

Stupid Again v1.1.7

This time we will ing you 60 very special and impressive puzzels. some of them will really challenge your IQ, and some levels are really fun, make you cant help laughing loudly, some that you will never ever thought of!All the questions seems very st...

Traffic Nation:Street Drivers

Interest games

Traffic Nation:Street Drivers v0.70

Race through traffic in and new endless racing game with realistic physics! Earn Reputation and Money, buy better cars, rims, vinyls and ultimately experience endless racing. Avoid cops, get extra bonus and become living legend in League of Racers! W...

Greedy Rabbit

Adventure games

Greedy Rabbit v1.0.3

In each level you have to collect all the vegetables and possibly star. Then look for the open passage to the next level. You wait hazards: spikes, traps and very angry hedgehogs. Do this with the best result....