Android stand-alone games

Orbits ™

Interest games

Orbits ™ v1.0

Orbits ™ is the ultimate reaction puzzle game that will make you sweat!Orbits ™ is a game designed to make you think fast and react faster. Each level has been perfectly crafted and the challenge grows as your skill improves.Orbits ™ experience requ...

Road Racer 168

Sports games

Road Racer 168 v1.2.7.3

ROAD RACER is a very challenging game! It not only test your endurance and reflexes, it also test your ability on how to strategically race in an obstacles filled environment at high speed without crashing.- RACE at high speed on city streets filled ...

Steel Surge

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Steel Surge v1.0.0

It’s the year 20XX. Titan 3, a self-aware Computerized Defense System, has taken over Titan City— creating a mechanical army that has slaughtered nearly all of the city’s residents. Only one man has survived Titan 3’s reign of terror: Tommy Tominaga....

Ziggy Road ZigZag Racer

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Ziggy Road ZigZag Racer v2.0

Ziggy Road ZigZag Traffic Racer is set in the near future when all cars are self driven by computers. You are the owner of the new AGPO-500. Unfortunately the AGPO-500 has developed a bug, and can not be stopped!You are about to enter a busy city. Ru...

Skiing Yeti Mountain

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Skiing Yeti Mountain v1.0.1

Carve your way through hundreds of levels as you search for the elusive Yeti in Skiing Yeti Mountain. Weave through trees, skid over ice, jump off cliffs and get to know a cast of bizarre locals in this extreme skiing adventure.All handcrafted for yo...

Nut Hunt

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Nut Hunt v1.0

Skrat was an nut-obsessed saber-toothed squirrel that lived during the iced ages, attempting to store his precious nut.During the days of the iced age, Skrat took an nut everywhere around, wanting to find a spot to save it for the winters. Skrat also...

Super Dario Adventure

Interest games

Super Dario Adventure v1.0.0

Super Dario Adventure is a fast paced running and jumping game.Control the super Dario and collect as much coins and gems you can.Simple game rules but its surprisingly challenging.Enjoy to be a super Dario!How to play:Press keys to jump to avoid obs...

Escape : Stealth Diamond

Puzzle games

Escape : Stealth Diamond v1.2

You might know how many of the jewels glittering away in a jewelry shop could have been smuggled into the country.Heck, the diamonds shining on your or your fiancées finger could easily be one of them.This time I was looking into a legendary jewel th...

Dodge Revolution

Sports games

Dodge Revolution v1.3

The Dodge Revolution introduces three new Dodge vehicles to its fleet: the nimble Dart, bold Journey, and rugged Durango. Weve got two all-new tracks to drive: City Highways and Coastline, with a secret off-road path. Track and share your racing prog...

Mad Racers

Shooting games

Mad Racers v0.26

Unique race, allowing to plunge into the post-apocalyptic world.- Single company for first mad driver;- Single mode Survival will challenge any rider for max;- Multiplayer mode for 10 people! Every man for himself !;- 3 cool cars with the ability to ...

Escape : Treasure of trap

Puzzle games

Escape : Treasure of trap v1.1

Receiving orders from a famous ruler as his enforcer, the strongest ninja heads towards an old northern fortress.His mission: to recover the stolen ancestral treasure known as the Crimson Armor.What did the ninja see at the fortress thatd become a se...

Galactic Miner: Milos Journey

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Galactic Miner: Milos Journey v1.2.5.5

Play this Hard to play difficult to master Puzzle Platform Adventure today. Your job is to help Milo make his journey home. You we need fast reflexs to tell him when to jump guiding his way to collect Stars and other hidden gems along the way. Help H...

Baymin Jump

Interest games

Baymin Jump v1.0.3

The best puzzle style hit game : Rush Ninja PetDo you like Baymax ? I think you like this game.Rush Ninja Pet is a Free innovative game, fast-paced bouncing game. Featuring an adorably cute Bounce Pet Baymin. Are you ready to test your speed, reflexe...


Interest games

Frequency v4

You play as a lone driver traveling in the heart of an audio signal ... Travel literally in music and beware of exchange of rhythms That can be fatal ! Avoid obstacles and let you carry by the rhythm , welcome to Frequency !Full Version :New epic mus...

Magic Carpet Land

Adventure games

Magic Carpet Land v1.00.0834

Discover the imaginative, magical world of Magic Carpet Land, that will fascinate and captivate you.Zoom, swipe and touch to discover a world filled with surprises. In Magic Carpet Land there are more than 60 interactive Arabian characters that would...

Nubs Adventure

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Nubs Adventure v1.4

Nubs Adventure is an exploratory platformer in which you help Nubs rebuild his house after it was destroyed by the evil Reds. But Nubs is not alone! With him on his journey are his friends: the tiny wisp Ally and a huge worm named Brute.Explore four ...

Bear Haven

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Bear Haven v1.04

Welcome to the Bear Haven Motel on you new part time electrician job! This is a complete version that lets you play all of the nights!Theres temporary er... lack of guests at this time, but this shouldnt worry you. Also we have some strange problems ...

Super Puck Jam

Sports games

Super Puck Jam v1.25

Super Puck Jam is a fast-paced, 70s-hockey-themed beat-em-up adventure! The crowd jeers and throws bottles and even kegs over the glass as you let pucks fly at the opposing team, their goalie, and anyone else who stands in your way. Defeat bosses and...


Interest games

Rolld v1.0

Enter the world of Rolld where rolling comes in at a new degree. Try and best you record with each game but remember about the twist, for you do not control the control the track. Keep it steady and beat your record with every new game....

Hull Crasher

Interest games

Hull Crasher v1.0

Hull Crasher is a fun sci-fi themed arcade game. You pilot a space shuttle and your goal is to score points while navigating your way through an abandoned space station by avoiding obstacles ahead.Prepare to wreck, crash and burn. Improve your score,...