Android stand-alone games

Buggy Car Stunts 3D

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Buggy Car Stunts 3D v1.0

GET READY FOR TOTAL CARTOON STUNT DRIVER 3D FUN!Buggy Car Stunts 3D is a super fun and well executed kart racer with great gameplay, if you are looking for a great pick on the google play store then you for sure need to download this challenging bugg...

Farm Story Mania

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Farm Story Mania v2.16

Easy: Just match and collect. Gain seeds from Zombies and build your own farm. Coolest eye-popping matching effect. SLOTS built-in: Free booster everyday. 200+ levels are too fascinating to resist. Got half of the girl gamers in the world. Why not jo...

Burger House 2

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Burger House 2 v1.1.1

Show your burger making extraordinary strength! Hamburg House 2 is a time management game, cooking different types of burgers! Start with a simple hamburger production, to build their own kingdom in Hamburg!Game Features:1: Completely Free Games2: be...

Keep Jumping(Totoro)

Adventure games

Keep Jumping(Totoro) v1.0

Someone called it a rabbit,one called it a mouse.It keeps eating grass all night.What it is?Welcome our new friend ”Brother Lemon Forth”and the well-designed levels.Let’s avoid the traps built by bad eggs and fight with the final BOSS!1.3 There are t...

Fruit Attacks

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Fruit Attacks v1.0.119

Aim, drag, arc, and shoot in this genre-bending action-puzzle game! Using an innovative multi-touch aiming system, skillfully aim and bend trick-shots at waves of invading fruit attackers to take them out before they reach Earth. Features:• Shoot and...

Super Beat Ball

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Super Beat Ball v1.5

Super Beat Ball is a single tap reaction game that will keep you hooked for hours!Tap to dash forward to avoid the traps.You will lose point automatically if the ball impact with the wallControl the ball to dash in the middle with get you the most po...

Drink Energy Drinks

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Drink Energy Drinks v1.5

Drink Energy Drink on your phone!This hilarious trick looks like your phone is filling up with Energy Drink. You can then “drink” it by tilting the device. Amaze friends and family with a phone so smart it actually makes Energy Drinks!✔ Energy Drink ...

Balloon Escape

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Balloon Escape v1.0

Aliens are invading Paris. Watch out for the deadly aliens and escape using the balloon.• Avoid touching the aliens or you will explode.• Collect coins along the way.• Simple touch or tilt to move.• Compete with friends using the Google+ feature....

Hangman Attack

Adventure games

Hangman Attack v1.1.5

ACTION PACKED! Unique Hand Drawn Art Style. New take on the classic game of hangman. Hunt down the letters you need in this awesome 2D platformer while being bombarded by crazy enemies, paper airplane bombers and meteors. Huge dictionary of words use...

Horror Plant

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Horror Plant v1.0

The dreadful carnivore is back and its more scary and hungry than before. Enter the secret tree house and kill all dwarfs in this point and click adventure game! Subtle humor and even more of evil dwarf blood! Enjoy Horror Plant!...


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Beastopia v1.0

Carry the roar of the forest in your pocket with this Beast themed turn based RPG! Assemble your party of beasts, visit taverns, collect loot and defeat the King - in an adventure sprawling 3 maps and lots of carcasses! Embark on an adventure togethe...

Soda Drops

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Soda Drops v1.1.2

Pop the colorful soda drops to avoid mixing flavors. Collect same color soda drops to create ice cubes. Stack matching ice cubes to create Mega Combos. Spin the Soda Roulette for that extra edge. Can you stop the drops fast enough and collect all the...

Big Bear

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Big Bear v1.1.6

Big Bear: Smash the Salmon is a new slicing action game.You can catch fish and fight the Big Bear that aim your salmons.CATCHING FISHESSlice salmons and various fishes as Polar Bear via touch screen control.As the salmon jump out of water, swipe your...

Mermaid Mania

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Mermaid Mania v1.1.0

MERMAID MANIA(Free Puzzle Match 3 Game)is a and new style in ACCUMULATIVE “Match 3” puzzles.In this addictive game, Miss Mermaid will take you begin a journey of undersea adventure. Collect those lovely fishes,beautiful conches,shining gems and pearl...

Elements Of Deception

Adventure games

Elements Of Deception v1.2

Ignis Mundi, a lush and beautiful world, where all elemental beings live in harmony, but fire is the most prominent found there. Elemental Scholars are the keepers of this harmony. Studying the elements and keeping their power in check when needed. -...

Rocket Willie

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Rocket Willie v0.1

Rocket Willie is a video game where you take control of a little rocket boy named Willie.Join Willie while he searches for his lost friends by asking all of the different and erse planets in the galaxy.In Rocket Willie you can take control of up to 7...

Murderer Online

Adventure games

Murderer Online v1.1.1

Creepy, horrifying feast of murder. Breathless, intense horror game between a cruel murderer and beautiful fugitive. Will you be a utal murderer, or a fugitive who runs away and hides from a murderer?Using various geographic features, a murderer can ...

Fast Side of the Moon

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Fast Side of the Moon v2.229

Take your anti gravity vehicle to numerous exciting planets and drive through the challenging race tracks against real players to become the ultimate champion in this futuristic multiplayer racing game. And its FREE!Features:- Lots of exotic planets ...

Space Rover

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Space Rover v1.0

2015 Newest innnovative runner game in the outspace!Heres a whole new runner-controling experience, with A unique journey full of challenges!With a and new one-touch operating mode, will you help the cute black robots fulfill their mission?-Beautiful...