Android stand-alone games


Interest games

Slings! v1.0

Aim your slingshot and launch the ball up to the next level.Incredibly simple... extremely difficult... insanely addictive!!Collect gems along the way and use them to customize your ball. Sling ying-yangs, swirls, and ninja stars as you try to master...

Get 20

Interest games

Get 20 v3

Can you Get 20?- To move a number block, touch and drag him.- The goal is get block with 20.- To get next block you need connect two same blocks.For example: 2+2=3, 4+4=5 etc.- New blocks spawn when there is no turns or the timer has reached zero.- W...

Super World

Interest games

Super World v1.0

Super World is a free, classic platform game.The game is quite challenging. Collect gold and avoid obstacles. Shoot and jump your way to the finish line. Run around the amazing world.Do you get ready for a new adventure?- Wonderful high-resolution gr...

Feedem Burger

Interest games

Feedem Burger v1.2

Want to become great burger maker for Feedem Burger restaurants!?You will be hired in Feedem Burger restaurant to serve clients as fast as you can.Take orders from your customers and make a great burger for them in a wink . The more you will play, th...

Watch Out

Interest games

Watch Out v1

WATCH OUT! The big guy needs to jump to keep them safe!!IS IT THAT SIMPLE!?Features:- Easy to Play but Hard to Master- High quality modern retro graphic and music! - 100% FREE TO PLAY....

Bridge Constructor:Stunts

Interest games

Bridge Constructor:Stunts v1.2

Bridge Constructor: Stunts is a game of physical construction. Game where players want to make full use of their knowledge of physics to build the final structure of the idge makes the car through obstacles such as rivers, helping trucks reach their ...

Salt & Pepper 2

Interest games

Salt & Pepper 2 v1.0

The surreal physics game sequel is finally available on Google Play, Salt Pepper 2: A Surreal Salty Physics Game is the sequel to last years popular indie physics game Salt Pepper: A Physics Game. Salt Pepper 2 features addictive, strategic drawin...

Osiris Battlefield

Shooting games

Osiris Battlefield v1.1.2

You are mans last hope against utter extinction. Located on a distant colony in the Osiris system, you must defend your base at all costs using anything you can to hold back the relentless alien threat.-Epic survival gameplay. Survive as many days as...

Don‘t Blink

Interest games

Don‘t Blink v3.0.3

Smash through oncoming squares, blasting them way to pixels! Charge yourself up with a new mechanic, that launches you into the highscore leaderboards! Dont Blink, blink and you could die. Challenge your friends, claim victory. Spread the word!Dont B...

Cuby Jump

Interest games

Cuby Jump v1.0

Have a hoppin’ good time picking and unlocking different colourful characters in this endless jumping game.About as addictive as popping bubble wraps!...

Rugby Golf

Sports games

Rugby Golf v1.0.5

ake aim, run up... -and KICK!-Score as many Goles as you can across infinite levels.Go for the elusive Gole in One, in this weirdly perfect mix of Rugby and Golf.Controls: Slide from the centre of the screen to aim, release to kick.Developed by Tom a...


Shooting games

Alpacalypse v1.0.0

The end is nigh! Meet Al. Al Pacone, an alpaca who has had enough. Help him fulfill his evil masterplan in Alpacalypse - a modern game from the 8 bit era. Times, when games were arcade oriented, easy to play but hard to master. When the only thing th...

Braveland Pirate

Strategy games

Braveland Pirate v1.0.1

The Braveland trilogy concludes with the most exciting book of all, number three – welcome to Braveland Pirate strategy game! A crew of pirates led by Captain Jim embarks on a search for the Eternal Treasure. Hordes of undead, chests full of gold, de...

Run Run Super V

Interest games

Run Run Super V v1.19

Run. Ride. Volt-In!Be a sentai hero and defend the world from the vile Emperor Negatron! Use your super robot to stop Negatron’s monsters from taking over the world!Game Features:★ Sentai-themed runner - Run and fly through the city with simple tap c...

Shark smasher

Interest games

Shark smasher v1.0.2

Shark smasher is a great, free game. You will find beautiful graphics inside it, with many wonderful backgrounds in both day and night versions. Awesome 3D sharks and obstacles: fish, sea turtle, seahorse, jellyfish, naval mines and octopus. Take the...

Drive Ahead

Interest games

Drive Ahead v1.1

Drive ahead in gladiator arenas with off-road cars, garbage trucks and F1 racing cars. Each vehicle has its own strengths and weaknesses. The game features two different game modes: duel or single-player mode. Learn to master different tracks and veh...

Blowy Fish

Interest games

Blowy Fish v1.07

Blowy Fish is a 2D physics platform game with slingshot controls. Pull the blowfish by its tail to aim. When you release your finger, it will jump forward to the next level. Too easy? Well, if you say so…...

Zombie Empire Taxi Transporter

Interest games

Zombie Empire Taxi Transporter v1.2

DOWNTOWN CITY HAS BEEN TAKEN OVER BY ZOMBIES…You have survived… But for how long can you stay alive between these undead zombies? Before the undead zombie took over downtown city it was peaceful and quiet… Now there is only mayhem and disaster… Be th...

Ultimate Lion Simulator

Simulation games

Ultimate Lion Simulator v1.0

Jump into a and new adventure as a ferocious Lion! Brave a dangerous new world to claim your place at the top of the food chain! Recruit, raise, and customize your lions, hunt down prey to feed your pride, and battle for your life against fierce boss...

Slush Tile Rush

Interest games

Slush Tile Rush v1.1

Get the Slush Fighters home in this combat-focused match-3 game. Slush Tile Rush requires light-strategy and quick reflexes. ...