Android stand-alone games

Epic Skater

Sports games

Epic Skater v1.1.9

Kickflip, grind, manual, and combo your way through the streets of Los Angeles in Epic Skater. This free skating game will keep you coming back for more as you master dozens of tricks that combine into endless combos. Epic Skater has something for ev...


Interest games

Colora v1.0.2

The fun and famous, challenging and colorful and snappy, tappy twisting game finally arrived to the play store!...

Sky Fighter 2

Shooting games

Sky Fighter 2 v2

Sky Fighter - This is a complete new and re designed sky fighter shooting game. Entry level player will enjoy it very much. Detail Graphic, Fast game play and so on....


Interest games

Nexionode v1.0.5

Nexionode is a Sci-Fi logic puzzler set deep in outerspace. While the human crew is under cryostasis, the Nexio Colony Spaceship is suffering massive failures. You are TL-9507, a unique RepairDrone: your AI has been secretly enhanced. Woken up by a s...

Candy Andy - Munching Numbers

Puzzle games

Candy Andy - Munching Numbers v1.002

Join Andy in his journey down the yellow sesame street to eat all the candies! Do you like ain teasers, ain games, and math games like sudoku or number munchers? Do you have a analytical and logical mind hungering for problem solving puzzle games? Th...

Bomber Ship

Interest games

Bomber Ship v1.0

Destroy all enemies in this horizontally scrolling shoot em up.Controls an aircraft and guide it across a scrolling terrain, battling obstacles along the way. Your ship is armed with a forward-firing weapon and bombs; each weapon has its own button. ...

Puncher Man

Interest games

Puncher Man v1.3

Puncherman is an arcade casual game. Well known controls and highly addictive. Break wood planks and punch your way to highest place on leaderboards! Become a Puncherman!!!...


Interest games


NYRUA Applications presents DONUT DASH Donut land was a peaceful place where donuts and teacups danced all day for the wizards that looked after them. Until one day the evil wizard stole all the teacups.Now its up to you to help the donuts be reunite...

Ready Steady Play

Interest games

Ready Steady Play v1.0.1

Ready Steady Play is a Wild West-themed game starring an affable cowboy and his trusty hobby horse. Easy to learn and hard to master, Ready Steady Play expands on the beautifully minimal aesthetic and gameplay of its predecessor, Ready Steady Bang....

Double Gun

Shooting games

Double Gun v14.8.17

Many people predicted various ways of the apocalypse: biological weapons out of control, turning people to zombies - living deads, radioactive contamination causing mutations, invasion of alien aggressors... But nobody supposed that all troubles woul...

Brave Furries

Interest games

Brave Furries v1.0

EXCLUSIVE launch price! Brave Furries is 50% OFF for a limited timeThe Furries Princess along with half of Furries Village has been kidnapped by the Evil Wizard. The remaining Furries have launched a rescue mission. After miles of walking they discov...

Tokis Magic Wand

Interest games

Tokis Magic Wand v1.0.6

Embark on an epic puzzle adventure with Toki’s Magic Wand! Join Toki in this puzzling adventure to get back some stolen carrots and teach a donkey not to mess with a wizard in training. Harness Toki’s Magic Wand to take down puzzle blocks, summoned b...

Rompy Run

Interest games

Rompy Run v1.0

A fun and addictive running game with new innovative running controls!You tap to run, the faster you tap, the faster you run! But watch out, if you run too fast your character gets exhausted! You have to keep an eye on your energy bar.2 Game Modes:Ra...

Match It

Puzzle games

Match It v1.00

Match It is a new fantastically fun memory matching game! - Play your standard memory match game, but with a twist! - See how good your memory is and make all the matches on the board! - See how your memorization and speed rank among others on the Ma...

Traffic Racer 3D

Simulation games

Traffic Racer 3D v0.9

Traffic Racer 3D is a 3D Car Racing Simulation Game! Drive your car between oncoming and ongoing traffic in two lanes, swerve from lane to lane to avoid cars, drive for as long as you can without crashing. Crash enough times and you lose, how far can...

My Old Classmate

Nurturance games

My Old Classmate v1.0

Classmate, everyone have had a companion, he she along with our entire student unforgettable, memories of our youth that they must track important scene, Classmate will reproduce our student familiar clips, show all youth memories!...

Boxy Runner

Interest games

Boxy Runner v1..0

This small box needs some help to run.Make more distance to help :)boxy runner is a infinity run game :)how to playjust touch anywhere on screen to jump.for bost touch double...

Deep Canyon

Interest games

Deep Canyon v1.0

Deep Canyon is the latest release of the indie game studio Tiltgames. The game takes you on an fast-paced airplane journey through a beautiful low-poly landscape. The hero of the game is the little pilot Charlie, who has to find his way through deep ...


Interest games

Kapsula vv1.0.1

Kapsula is a puzzleracer set in a Soviet space colony full of clones. - Retrofuturistic Soviet space colonies!- Clones!- Brutalist architecture in deep space!- More clones!- Background story filled with SF elements!- Even more clones!- The game chang...

Co!ors Yellow

Interest games

Co!ors Yellow v1.0.2.0

An all-new project from the Kuma the Bear team that is eathing new life into gaming! We are proud to ing you this relaxing aural experience which is the second title in the Co!ors Project: Co!ors Yellow! Use the controls to match up your shape with t...