Android stand-alone games

Bubble Blast Easter

Interest games

Bubble Blast Easter v2.0.4

Bubble Blast Easter Easter edition, like the previous version and play, but there are elements of the game interface increases the Easter specialties. I believe friends like these games will not be missed....

iPaques Ajaccio

Interest games

iPaques Ajaccio v1.0.2

Prêt pour une chasse aux œufs “digitale” ? Munis de votre smartphone, partez à la chasse aux oeufs dans les rues dAjaccio ! Une manière ludique et originale de découvrir la vieille ville dAjaccio. Surtout regardez bien votre écran, les œufs peuvent s...

Alpha Zero

Shooting games

Alpha Zero v1.0.2

“Alpha Zero is looking to redefine the mobile Shmup.” - gamezeboTake control of an experimental spaceship and blast enemies from all aroundyou in this exciting, fast-paced space action game.Enjoy jaw-dropping visuals and effects as well as an origina...

Mind Blocks

Puzzle games

Mind Blocks v1.2

It’s simple: drag pieces to fit them into the given shape! Sounds easy, but don’t take get it wrong because Mind Blocks is a ain-teasing puzzle game that is sure to challenge every player. Over 500 levels among 3 difficulty levels will engage and ent...

Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior

Shooting games

Kitty Flame: Highway Warrior v1.0.1

Chainsaw Warrior from Games Workshop is the classic nail-biting game for one strong-nerved player: Its the year 2032 and spatial warping has opened a hole into another dimension in the midst of the old municipal buildings at the heart of Manhattan. B...

Smashing Spacing

Interest games

Smashing Spacing v1.2

Retro styled Improvisation on Whack-a-Mole, Tontie kind games.Smash, collect, powerup, buy, progress through different levels in this simple arcade game...

Dots Out

Interest games

Dots Out v1.9

One of the most popular board games on the vast territory of Eurasia was an ancient game Cha Pai.Empires revolved, but people continued to play trying to knock the opponents chips off the board.In the 21st century the game got a new look and name, bu...

Impossible Road

Interest games

Impossible Road v1.1.2

Guide THE VESSEL down the roller coaster-like track at speed, scoring for each gate you make it through. Navigate hair-pin bends, jumps, banked curves and adverse camber in the quest for the perfect line. And when you learn how to cheat the game, and...

Armored Car HD

Sports games

Armored Car HD v1.0.5

Armored Car HD is definitely a fun racing game that you can look and feel its vivid, beautiful graphical screen and enjoy a variety of series-favorite features.[ Please rate us 5 stars as we under attack (-Malicious Comments and 1 star-) from Russia ...

Lamb Moussaka

Interest games

Lamb Moussaka v1.0.0

Hello there little cooks! We know how much you like cooking games and trying new recipes to impress your friends or family. We have prepared for you a super recipe which you could try out at home. But first, play our game to find out what ingredients...

Carrera Cofrade

Interest games

Carrera Cofrade v0.5.4

Ha llegado la hora! Todo está preparado, las hermandades están a punto de salir, aunque en medio de este escenario sevillano falta un sólo cofrade. Ayuda a nuestro protagonista para que llegue a tiempo a la procesión: recorre la máxima distancia posi...

Two Souls Pro

Interest games

Two Souls Pro v1.0

2Souls has finally hit Android! Derp Studios winning game candidate from the Swan PR competition, with special thanks to Train2Game and many others in getting the game where it is today. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as weve enjoyed developing...

Kitty Cat Clicker

Interest games

Kitty Cat Clicker v1.0.2

The Internet might not be ready for this: cats meet clickers! Kitty Cat Clicker is the game that will finally take your productivity to zero. Be warned: there’s no life after downloading this game.Tap the Queen Cat as fast as you can to feed her with...

Gravity Dash - Platform Run

Interest games

Gravity Dash - Platform Run v1.0.1.2

Gravity Dash is a pixel-style horizontal version of parkour game. The game is simple, click on the left side of the screen to move between the floor and ceiling, click on the right side of the screen you can sprint, eaking some of the obstacles or de...

Polar Bowler

Sports games

Polar Bowler v1.1.0

Polar Bowler is a catapult casual games. In the world of ice and snow, exactly what kind of leisure activities? Intelligent animals under the ision of labor, even built a natural ice bowling, enough to make them pass the usual boring time....

Crazy Boat Parking King

Simulation games

Crazy Boat Parking King v1.5

Crazy Boat Parking King is a stopping class casual games. Tired of parking game yet? It is more difficult to play, stopping the game more exciting now! Note Oh, stopping more difficult than parking....

Meow Meow Star Acres

Simulation games

Meow Meow Star Acres v1.0.1

An educational game that both adults and children can enjoy from Kuma the Bear. Meow Meow Star Acres is an island simulation game that can be played by just swiping the screen! After a long journey on the sea, the cats disembarked at a mysterious sta...

Pencil Hobbit

Interest games

Pencil Hobbit v1.0

***Get Ready for loads of Extreme Fun and Extreme Addiction*** Being so powerful, Red Monster Pencil is extremely wicked and cruel. Many have suffered a lot through the atrocities of Red Monster Pencil and its utality has reached unbearable heights. ...

My Virtual Hamster

Nurturance games

My Virtual Hamster v1.5.2

All the fun of owning a hamster right in your hands! Raise, feed, teach, clean, train, perform numerous tricks and play exciting mini games with your adorable little hamster. My Virtual Hamster is a guarantee of fun for the children! The perfect game...

Top Sniper Shooter Assassin

Shooting games

Top Sniper Shooter Assassin v1.1

Get ready for an incredible action packed 3D sniper shooting game! In this top 3D sniper shoot game, you are a member of a top elite seal counter team who is on a mission to eliminate a rogue terrorist cell deep in the arctic. One by one you take ou...