Android stand-alone games

Anu Egg Oh!

Interest games

Anu Egg Oh! v1.0

Welcome to Egg-oh, a physical puzzler, wrapped in a beautifully HD world.Features:● 60 levels with more to come!● Fun, mind-bending experience suitable for all ages● Earn eggs to take you to new levels● Beautiful HD graphics● Captivating music and so...

The Jumper 3D

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The Jumper 3D v1.0.28

Your goal is to move the cube through line of obstacles.You need to pass different blocks, catapults, spikes, mills and other obstacles.Jump and strafe to avoid these obstacles.Play with friends, it`s very addictive! Jump to the end!...

Evolution Planet

Puzzle games

Evolution Planet v1.0.1

Discover a place full of wonder, adventure, fun, treasures… and frogs! And dinosaurs! And cavemen! Play through Evolution Planet’s islands and meet the creatures that live there. Match them together, make them stronger and help them beat their despic...

Meep:Virtual Pet Game

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Meep:Virtual Pet Game v1.011

Adopt your very own baby Meep and help him grow into a fully grown pet. Your adorable little Meep is waiting for you to love, pet, dress, feed, teach, clean and take care of him! With life-like emotions, stunning graphics and fluid animations it will...

Hot Star Stream

Interest games

Hot Star Stream v2

Hot Star Stream is a solo game played to avoid obstacles, the game has an actor which needs to eat up the hotstar in order to get more life. You can play on even after death if you have enough coins....

Higher Lower

Puzzle games

Higher Lower v1.6

HigherLower is a ain game about concentration, memory and reflex. This is a simple, intuitive but beautifully designed numbers game with different level of complexity. It is fun, addicting and really engaging. Download and enjoy it with friends!...

Red Bouncing Ball Jump

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Red Bouncing Ball Jump v1.0

free Red Bouncing Ball Jump is a jumping ball adventure game where you control a crazy bouncy ball , Bounce the ball, jump the ball and avoid touching the spikes, play this happy red ball jump game and enjoy a all-new Red Ball Adventure with some exc...

Chinese checker  Free

Chess games

Chinese checker Free v1.3.7

Chinese Checkers is a Simple Fun classic board game!Chinese checkers is a classic board game that can be played by two to six people! It is a variant of Halma.You would wonder why this simple game from childhood could still be this entertaining!Game...

Moon Tower Attack

Strategy games

Moon Tower Attack v1.0

Moon Tower Attack is a 2.5D strategic tower defense game set on the moon. Defend your base by making expert use of a number of different weapons and towers. Watch out! Enemies can come from literally anywhere and can take random paths as they rush to...

Match and Merge

Interest games

Match and Merge v1.9.6

Match and Merge isnt about jelly or candy or cookies. It’s about relationships. Bringing tiles together and uniting them. Maneuvering around obstacles and thinking strategically:**Deftly drag tiles around the grid to find buddies to merge with.**Matc...

Kiwi Flight

Interest games

Kiwi Flight v1.1

Kiwi Flight is an endless jumping game in pixel art theme.Its common knowledge that a Kiwi bird cant fly because they dont have wings, or can use a copter. Kiwi still wants to fly.Support him on his flight while drawing jumping blankets on the screen...

3D Puzzle Moppet

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3D Puzzle Moppet v1.0.7

Puzzle Moppet is a cute yet devilishly challenging 3D platform puzzle game set in a mysterious floating landscape, with a beautiful and ethereal ambience and graphical style.Guide the Moppet through the vast and eternal void of space, navigating ice ...


Interest games

DontSpam v1.0.1

Tilt to move, tap to shoot. Shoot the cube to move and rotate it. Juggle the cube within the screen boundary. But... DONT SPAM!!! Youll lose control of the cube! Compete with your friends! Rotate the cube the most or keep the cube alive the longest!...

Candy Airport

Interest games

Candy Airport v1.0

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your attention please! The flight will be taking off soon. Please board at the gate now.Hey~ My dear, here comes Candys Airport. Our capable sweetheart runs her own airport. See? The hall is crowded with passengers, a...


Interest games

Vladimir v1.138.0

Vladimir is a very daring bat but he needs your help to navigate the perilous mazes. Polish and perfect your flying skills to avoid the dangerous traps and obstacles throughout the castle ruins. Become the hero of this exciting adventure by saving Vl...

Hell tower:Spec raiders

Strategy games

Hell tower:Spec raiders v1.04

*Hell tower paid version: No advertising, Acquire coin twice, experience twice..You must build a spec to survive in the Employment hell!.The Jump into hell defeat the devil built a spec lets get to job=================================================...

Super Ball Balance

Interest games

Super Ball Balance v1.1

Pilot a pixel on an endless journey through a viant and abstract world composed of simplicity and filled with unexpected danger. It’s a challenge of anticipation and immediate reaction to dodge enemy shapes in a fast-paced setting. How far can you ge...


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PXL v10.0.1

Pilot a pixel on an endless journey through a viant and abstract world composed of simplicity and filled with unexpected danger. It’s a challenge of anticipation and immediate reaction to dodge enemy shapes in a fast-paced setting. How far can you ge...

Rocket Launcher 3D

Shooting games

Rocket Launcher 3D v1.0

The country’s security is at great risk due to the fear of the anti-peace forces. The enemy has been secretly working to expand its control on the territories across the national regions.An intense shooting game that will blow your mind away, nothing...

360 degree

Interest games

360 degree v1.4.8

The most addictive game EVER, 360 degree will mess with your head and have you clicking that replay button for hours on end. Once you try this fantastic arcade style game you will be hooked forever!In 360 Degree you guide your bouncing ball to a safe...