Android stand-alone games


Interest games

Beatbuddy v0.9.10

The best-selling PC game is now available on the SHIELD Hub! Play Beatbuddy on the NVIDIA SHIELD with fantasticgraphics and sound. Beatbuddy is an action-adventure where players solve puzzles and vanquish enemies in six beautiful hand-drawn worlds, e...

One Touch

Interest games

One Touch v0.1

The Adventures of the little creatures , Touch for the mad and impassable levels. Not that he could not prevent him from returning home. But can you ? Do you have enough patience to go through all 20 levels and win ... Lets see ......

Multiplication Dragons

Interest games

Multiplication Dragons v1.0.5

Memorizing multiplication tables using just a school textbook can be frustrating for you, and for your child. That’s why we have developed Multiplication Dragons, to provide new, fun ways to engage with multiplication that stimulate ease of memorizat...

Dr. Panda in Space

Interest games

Dr. Panda in Space v1.0

EXPLORE SPACEOnce you customize your own space ship and blast off, set your course however you’d like! Explore space and discover asteroids, new planets, and maybe even a black hole! Where should you and Dr. Panda go next? It’s all up to you! LOTS TO...

Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden

Simulation games

Home Design 3D Outdoor/Garden v3.0.0

The simple, intuitive and comprehensive Home Design 3D OutdoorGarden application boasts all the features that made Home Design 3D such a success (number 1 application on Android with over 20 million downloads throughout the world).With its new 3D ren...


Action games

Exsilium v1.0.1

After the invention of the warp drive, humanity had reached the era of space exploration. The V.E.P., Voluntary Explorer Program is aiming at discovering new possibilities in the outer space.As one of the explorers of V.E.P., you have been assigned t...

Indefinite: Interrogation Game

Interest games

Indefinite: Interrogation Game v2.00

Were you the mastermind behind The Incident, or merely a pawn?The dystopia of the future was shaken up by a catastrophic global event called The Incident. Now the totalitarian world government, desperate for suspects, has chosen you. Unravel the myst...

100% Hidden Objects 2

Adventure games

100% Hidden Objects 2 v1.0.16

Don’t like complicated stories? Can’t wait to solve the next puzzle and find all the hidden objects?In an exciting journey around the world, 100% Hidden Objects 2 offers you picturesque hidden-object scenes just waiting for your keen eye to spot all ...

Trans Plan

Interest games

Trans Plan v1.0

Deliver a payload from point A to point B with only a few simple tools and the laws of physics. Create ramps and catapults, watch objects tumble and fall, and someway... somehow reach the destination. Each project is a hand-drawn puzzle for you to in...


Interest games

FiCHi v1.0

FiCHi is an action arcade adventure platformer in sci-fi multidimensional space.Game features:● Unique ever-changing game level cage #404● Randomly balanced gameplay ...

Ninja Night Run

Interest games

Ninja Night Run v1.2

Ninja Night Run is endless mono game.Ninja is running over the unstable cubes. Try killing enemies and collect magic....

Modern Hill Climber Moto World

Interest games

Modern Hill Climber Moto World v1.1

Start your off road motorcycle challenge and get ready for the ultimate hill climb racing experience!Drive around on your motorcycle and pick up some hitchhikers. This scooter simulator game has many challenging game levels and will keep you entertai...

Candy Mania

Puzzle games

Candy Mania v1.0

Help, these candies need to be rescued! Only you can save them and help them to go home. Swipe to move, Candies move together unless they are blocked. When all candies arrive their own squares, you win!Now Join into the wonderful puzzle game. Solve p...

Monster Stack 3

Puzzle games

Monster Stack 3 v1.99

Theyre back! Introducing Monster Stack 3, a sequel to Best of 2012 game on Windows Phone. Monster Stack 3 is a unique physics based game featuring all-new physics engine, support for HD graphics and a and new version of animation engine.★ Featuring 6...

Vendetta Crime Empire 3D

Action games

Vendetta Crime Empire 3D v1.3

WELCOME TO OYSTER BAY, THE CRIME CITY OF THE WESTVendetta Crime Empire 3D is the second game within the vendetta mobster wars series, in Vendetta Crime Empire 3D you will find loads of improvements. With more in depth mobster driven gameplay that wil...

Tiny Room

Puzzle games

Tiny Room v1.0.3

A simple escape game that’s as easy to play as it is fun.Goal:- Unlock the puzzles and riddles to escape the room to safety....

Tiny Room 2

Puzzle games

Tiny Room 2 v1.0.2

The second installment in this fun and simple escape game series.The content has been expanded since the last episode and the difficulty increased. There is now more gameplay and more challenge!...


Puzzle games

Celest v1.0

Move the stars to recreate constellations.Celest is a relaxing game which challenges your precision. Drag and drop the stars at the right spot to copy constellations.Celest features:- 50 levels to unlock- Challenging endless mode- Relaxing sound atmo...

Adventurous Gear

Puzzle games

Adventurous Gear v1.0

Collect the stars without hitting the black wheel and enjoy the adventure.Adventurous Gear is a platform game.If you collect all the stars in the scene, opens the next level.Be careful black wheel while collect to stars.When you hit the black wheel d...

Maths War

Puzzle games

Maths War v1.2.0

Join the mathematical battle as two superpowers in a clash of wars, striving for victory in the middle of a fierce snow storm! Nurture your wits and reflexes in this exciting Battleship-inspired game. In this arithmetic war, each player commands an a...