Android stand-alone games

Watermelon Baby

Interest games

Watermelon Baby v2.0

Be Prepared!Many may think they have mastered the know-how of jumping techniques,yet only few will be able to complete this quest to be the true master.Are you ready to Accept this challenge to be one of them and prove to your friends you are better ...

Stickman Creative Killer

Interest games

Stickman Creative Killer v1.3

Your friend has been kidnapped. Can you rescue him by killing your captors one by one in this creative point-and-click adventure? Use your weapon and survival skills to escape from the creative kill chamber. Kill the enemy soldiers one by one. Be cre...

Emergency Ambulance Driver 3D

Interest games

Emergency Ambulance Driver 3D v1.1

In Emergency Ambulance driver 3D you need to take care of the ill and injured and take care of the transport to the hospital. Of course this need to been done as fast as possible, take on the role of a skilled ambulance driver in this exciting drivin...

Fortress Under Siege  FRee

Strategy games

Fortress Under Siege FRee v1.1.1

A conspiracy throws our kingdom into the most dangerous moment, which needs you and your army to shoulder the responsibility of safeguarding the kingdom. The powerful enemy already launches the attack, which leaves you no choice as you are the last h...

3DHerobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man

Adventure games

3DHerobrine Maze 3D: Slender Man v1.0.2

Heroine Maze 3D: Slender Man - game of the horror genre, in the style of minecraft.The games protagonist enters an abandoned the maze created by the most dreadful and terrible Heroine, to search for diamonds.But not all so is simple, not only Heroine...

100500 Hands

Interest games

100500 Hands v1.0

You have tried lots of games already? Flappy Bird? 2048? You think nothing can impress you anymore?Looking for more challenges? You have come to the right place!You are just about to experience playing multiple games simultaneously....-Simple and Dif...

Blue Nano Racing

Interest games

Blue Nano Racing v4.0

Warning : This game require a powerful smartphone , dual core minimum recommended.☆ Futuristic racing game in nano scale, You control an unique designed machine.☆ Transform your device in portable console. ☆ Tilt controls or gamepad control.☆ Multipl...

Glance and Memory Free

Puzzle games

Glance and Memory Free v1.0.3

The game is an excellent and simple memory trainer with fun.Only memory masters can score the highest in global leaderboard.You have a very limited time to remember the numbers. By touching them in ascending order give you a great challenge to your s...

Loop Jump  v1.3.2

Interest games

Loop Jump v1.3.2 v1.3.2

Loop Jump is an addictive, entertaining game in which players have to collect the green rings to get the highest score possible....

Row! Row!

Interest games

Row! Row! v1.04

Cant you deal with your anger? Then you had better play Flappy or some other easy games!...

Shelter Carnage Avenger Advent

Shooting games

Shelter Carnage Avenger Advent v1.2

For those, who have fire in their hearts, who are longing for fierce fights in battlefields, come closer! We need the heroes like You to win this carnage against the barbarian zombie and monsters! You are going to fight for rather greater cause than ...

How Little Fire Dragons Train

Interest games

How Little Fire Dragons Train v1.0

Felix the cute little fire dragon is happily playing in the enchanted forest. Brackel the Big Bully Dragon finds him and starts chasing him through the trees. Brackel doesn’t like little Felix because the human vikings like him the most. They always ...

Jungle Fury

Shooting games

Jungle Fury v1.1

NOTE: In real life, animals should not be killed for the sake of sport or fun. This game assumes that you have to survive this deadly jungle by shooting the animals with tranquilizers.If you long to feel the thrill of the hunt without dragging yourse...

Smash Fruit Pop 2014

Puzzle games

Smash Fruit Pop 2014 v1.0

The first Match Three on PK is coming! Lovely roles’ voice!New gameplay and novel user interface!Real time battle system and role growth system!You shouldnt miss this best game in summer!Smash Fruit :Pop 2014 is the most fun and popular Match Three o...

Hello Kitty Jewel Town!

Interest games

Hello Kitty Jewel Town! v1.1.1

Our Sanrio series have a new and exciting game! Join Hello Kitty and Friends as they take a wild journey to matching shiny, colorful jewels and solve mind teasing puzzles!Gameplay:Swap any jewels with an adjacent one to form a chain of 3 or more jewe...

Flappy Yeet

Interest games

Flappy Yeet v2.6

THIS GAME IS OPTIMIZED FOR ANDROID 3.0 AND ABOVE - GET YOUR FLAPPY YEET MEDAL TODAY:Think your tough? Try getting your Yeet Medal today. Get a High score above 20 for onze, above 40 for silver, and above 60 for gold. Yeet!Flappy Yeet is just a game f...

Doodle Dash

Interest games

Doodle Dash v1.1

Doodle Dash is an action game, playable and simple to control.Doodle protagonist is a ave warrior, running in a different world, the eradication of ninjas, mummies, vampires and more!Run as much as possible during the collection of weapons and life, ...

Stickman ClickDeath Adventure

Adventure games

Stickman ClickDeath Adventure v1.0.1

Great stickman adventure game is one of the famous thinking puzzle Games.Your objective is simple to click around like a moron and kill all the stick figures without the rest of them figuring it out! But they have locked themselves up in a room and t...


Nurturance games

MewSim v1.1.14

Hi, I’m a MewSim cat and I’m looking for someone to give me a name and cater to my every whim. That means keeping me fed with tasty treats, buying me a stereo or a radio-controlled helicopter, ushing my fur, keeping the fleas away and generally makin...

Highway Racing

Interest games

Highway Racing v1.1.0

Do you like Speed?Highway Racing is the eternal classic of car racing games for Android! An exciting racing game is coming! This is an absolute MUST HAVE for all car fans!Highway Racing for all game player came real feeling of car racing. Why should ...