Android stand-alone games

Fighting Fantasy Legends

Role Play games

Fighting Fantasy Legends v1.33

Create your own adventures in a dangerous land of monsters, treasures and traps. From renowned authors Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone (co-founders of Games Workshop) and Nomad Games, Fighting Fantasy Legends is a role-playing card game set in the ...

Vista Golf

Sports games

Vista Golf v1.0.5

Vista Golf is a simple but elegant mini golf game, defined by crisp controls and the endless competition of new courses every week. We wanted to create the purest form of mini golf in your pocket, so if you seek both fun and frustration, Vista Golf i...

NEO Scavenger

Adventure games

NEO Scavenger v1.0.0

Play the acclaimed PC survival RPG on your tablet and smartphone! (Free unlimited time demo with IAP to unlock full version.)NEO Scavenger is a game where you must survive in the wasteland long enough to figure out who you are. Each turn, you must de...

Bloody West: Infamous Legends

Simulation games

Bloody West: Infamous Legends v1.0.2

Dust, sand, spurs that sparkle in the sun. Twelve men are standing opposite each other in the scorching midday sun. It is dead silent ... Until the first shot is fired and a murderous duel begins outside the saloon.At the end, six men lie dead in the...

Pocket of warrior

Action games

Pocket of warrior v1.94

-Game features-* Multilingual support(English,Korean,Japanese)* Non-target action game.* As the control is easy and complex UI is minimized, anyone can enjoy without burden.* Strengthen the weapon and skill by using dropped materials.* Various field ...

Navy Field

Strategy games

Navy Field v2.7.1

★ Take command of warships, including Aircraft Carriers, Submarines, and Battleships!★ Realistic controls that make you feel like you are controlling the actual warships!★ Train sailors and officers to assist your ship’s captain!★ Fight in various hi...

Find the Difference Snowman

Puzzle games

Find the Difference Snowman v0.954

Find the difference game, with Artist SnowmanIts free version with Advertisement.A unique twist to other difference finding games.While playing, enjoy Spot the difference Snowmans beautiful artwork.1. Find the difference within the time limit.2. Use ...

Breakfast Food Recipe!

Simulation games

Breakfast Food Recipe! v1.1

Good morning everyone! Let’s start the beautiful day with yummy eakfast!Come with me to my home kitchen and I will teach you how to make fried eggs, omelette, juice, fried bacon hams and my favorite corn flakes!Which food do you want to try first?Co...

FootRock 2

Action games

FootRock 2 v3.0.4

“The main hero is a cool and modest guy with a big heart whose name is Rocky. Rocky has won a lot of victories in sport. He has been an outstanding football player but got a heavy injury. After a rough patch, Rocky meets a beautiful girl who inspired...


Puzzle games

HHTAN v1.2

111% New Tan Series “HHTAN”!!Increase the tails of the balls to eak the icks.Try to eak the icks while keeping the length and raise your score!!This is a simple but addictive snake game.How long can you survive on the HHTAN?...

Robots Need Love Too

Puzzle games

Robots Need Love Too v1.4

ROBOTS, ROMANCE, and rewarding PUZZLES. Create a path to unite two robots in love!From the creators of the hit card strategy game, STAR TREK™ RIVALS, comes ROBOTS NEED LOVE TOO, a quirky puzzle game where only YOU can help the robots find true love. ...

Drift Max

Sports games

Drift Max v4.8

Its time to leave your skid marks on the asphalt! Keep your thumb on the throttle pedal and drift through 12 realistic tracks with high performance racing cars. Download the best FREE drift racing game ever!FEATURES- Realistic 3D graphics.- 11 amazin...

Mind Box

Puzzle games

Mind Box v1.04

Mind Box is a arcade puzzle game that mixes a colorful atmosphere with ain melting challenges.Navigate a seamless stream of obstacles by wall-jumping and find your way to the next level.Very hard, super fun, extremely addictive!FEATURES- Original arc...

Bouncy Hero

Action games

Bouncy Hero v1.1.5

Who let the cows out?!Be the Hero and lead the animals home in this fresh new runner game. Animals will follow you as you run through obstacles to lead them to safety. They will reward you with awesome power ups: Rocket, Giant or Magnet. The more ani...

Exoclipse Retaliation

Shooting games

Exoclipse Retaliation v1.2

Enter the world of Exoclipse Retaliation.The sequel to Exoclipse is here, big time! Enter the most immersive retro arcade gaming experience ever created. A whole new lethal and powerful arsenal has been added to Exoclipse’ already spectacular array o...

Boom Road 3d drive and shoot

Action games

Boom Road 3d drive and shoot v1.04

Attention! You are wanted! Drive your car fast! Explode the cars using the rockets. Destroy the police, helicopters! Are you ready? Lets go!KEY FEATURES►30+ different cars for you►Various locations►Perfect visual effects►Great fight with police►Extre...


Action games

VEX 3 v91

Vex 3 is a challenging platform adventure game. Make your way from one platform to the other and avoid deadly obstacles such as buzzsaws, spikes, crumbling blocks, and more!Run and jump to reach the flags. These are the checkpoints. When you touch th...

Evergrow: Paper Forest

Puzzle games

Evergrow: Paper Forest v3

Solve puzzles in the handcrafted forests of Evergrow through the eyes of an imaginative child and his parents. Discover their unfolding story told through the childs ever-changing room.In each puzzle, the player must guide the rabbit to fill all tile...

Jelly Feed

Puzzle games

Jelly Feed v1.0

Your small Jellyfish is very hungry, it needs a lot of food to not starve! Show it how to move around to get some food, avoid obstacles and make its way through tought levels with a smart swipe of a finger....