Android stand-alone games

Super Dinosaur Park Shooting

Shooting games

Super Dinosaur Park Shooting v1.2

Experience the thrill of being an real dino shooter in the mountain. Dino hunting is real thrill and fun for hunting players. Dinosaurs had ruled the land in the prehistoric safari mountains period thousand years before. Dinosaurs were very big creat...


Puzzle games

Sokobond v1.0.0

本周 May 04May 05May 06May 07May 08May 09May 1017131925没有上周排名数据 免费注册来发掘更多!  免费注册来获取排名、评价、评级、关键词和更多数据的无限访问权限. 免费注册 ...

Pirate Island Survival Games

Shooting games

Pirate Island Survival Games vC10.2.1

Pirate Island Survival Games is a thrilling 3D shooting adventure with amazing weapon selection and enemy variety. Blaze through a range of challenges and earn cool prizes on your way to the top of the survival chain!...

Exploration of Pixelmon World

Adventure games

Exploration of Pixelmon World v1.2

Go play the and new adventure of 2017, explore the new world full of wild pixelmon, with different attributes and behavior in this mega-hit game!You will definitely loves this adventures world if you enjoy catching rare pixel monsters and pixelmon si...

Furious City Moto Bike Racer 3

Sports games

Furious City Moto Bike Racer 3 v1.1

FANTASTIC FURIOUS FAST CITY MOTORBIKE RACINGPractise your furious fast and lightning speed motorbike racing skills in this outstanding city taxi cab driving game! Speed drive your moto bike through the urban city and avoid the traffic in this moto bi...

Cake Shop - Kids Cooking

Interest games

Cake Shop - Kids Cooking v1.0.113

Wow, your cake shop has opened! As a cake shop owner, do you know how to cook satisfactory cakes for customers? No worries. Come with me to learn how to cook delicious cakes!Features:※ Manage your own cake shop※ Mix all delicious ingredients together...

Survivor:Pain Gain

Interest games

Survivor:Pain Gain v1.1

The Revenant is a survival adventure game where you craft your own destiny in a open world environment. Discover this astonishing world. Use everything you find to survive. Hunt wild animals, fish or gather fruits to overcome hunger. Explore island o...

Rescue Bounce

Interest games

Rescue Bounce v3.0.2

As a firefighter its your duty to save people from the flames. You and your trustworthy colleague must operate the safety net and bounce the people animals to safety.Our dispatcher Sarah will notify you when there is a special mission to complete....

Puz Lands

Puzzle games

Puz Lands v1.1

Puz the explorer has ventured to a cursed island where you will help guide him through a mystical and magical world in search of ancient relics, that will help free the island from its evil curse with their power. On this beautiful, mysterious yet ha...

Crazy stickman time

Interest games

Crazy stickman time v1.0

Welcome to the virtual world of fun Stickman. The super planet attacked by enemies, they want to capture the world of good! Brave stickman should defuse them! Can you help him? Start fun and exciting fight. How to do it? Quickly click on the enemy as...

8 Number Flies

Puzzle games

8 Number Flies v0.1

A beautiful puzzle for a beautiful mind. Add, subtract and switch to match numbers and take up the challenge of capturing 8 NumberFlies. Simple. Elegant. and Extremely Engaging!...

Dragon Evolution Free

Nurturance games

Dragon Evolution Free v1.0.1

You’re definitely gonna hear these ones ROAR! The amazing and POWERFUL dragons are now in the EVOLUTION series! Feeling like a real WARRIOR? Come meet these big guys that are so cool they will BURN everything UP!...

Blocky San Andreas Police SIM

Interest games

Blocky San Andreas Police SIM v1.1

CAPTURE THE SUPER VILLAINS IN THIS BLOCKY COP SIMULATORRace through the city of the craft city San Andreas and protect the people who are resident in this fantastic blocky town. Chase and capture the super villains till the sun goes down and the moon...

Triceramus Combine!Dino Robot

Interest games

Triceramus Combine!Dino Robot v1.0.0

Triceramus is a double-target Triceratops and Gallimimus combined fire helicopter.The weight is increased and a double propeller is installed,and the grenade launcher can attack the enemy.Emergency structures and fire suppression are the main tasks....

Real Stickman Crime

Action games

Real Stickman Crime v1.0

* Crazy action game with stickman main hero.* Syndicate of angry bandits. Fight them or lead them.* Pure madness while in air. Smash and run over your enemies.* High-tech graphics and realistic physics.* Endless path of a flying hero.In the city of s...

AEN Hill Climb Arena Racer

Interest games

AEN Hill Climb Arena Racer v1.1

THIS IS AEN HILL CLIMB ARENA CHALLENGE!!!Challenge the other AEN hill climb injustice gladiators in this ultimate car racing game. Drive the challenging mountain roads of this off road racing simulator and become the number one AEN Arena Racer Champi...

Undead Hunter

Interest games

Undead Hunter v1.0

Decades have passed since the last of those old-school monsters vanished. The life of the last Undead Hunter twins was quiet and calm. They thought there werent any monsters in the world anymore and the twins were the only pixel characters left. But ...

Jumpy Jones

Interest games

Jumpy Jones v1.0

In 1936, the tomb of Pharaoh Tutakhamu was raided. Ever since, a curse has been casted on the whole Egypt. No longer was the country endowed with prosperity and wealthy. People of Egypt have to suffer the wrath of the Nile, of the Pharaoh.Archaeologi...

FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager

Sports games

FC Barcelona Fantasy Manager v7.12.004

FC BARCELONA FANTASY MANAGER 2017: the new edition of the MOST ADDICTING FOOTBALL mobile Manager has arrived! Lead the team of your dreams and defeat thousands of users. FREE. Discover all of this years updates....

Police Prize Claw Machine Fun

Interest games

Police Prize Claw Machine Fun v1.1

Game Features Police games and claw game :⛰ Multiple police cars for you to collect with the prize claw machine! ⛰ It’s not as easy at it would seem, do you best! ⛰ There will be hidden prizes waiting for you! ⛰ If you enjoy Police Prize Claw Mac...